Sunday, December 31, 2006

Day +179

I am fine today.

I went to church in the morning and attended the Near Year countdown to 2007 organized by the church with my family. There was a dinner and testimonies sharing session before the countdown.

Everyone was allowed to have a 3 minutes sharing about the grace of God in Year 2006. Since I got so much to share, I ‘borrowed’ the 3 minutes from my wife. Apart from this, I also ‘borrowed’ 3 minutes from each of my 4 children. This increased my sharing time to a maximum of 18 minutes :-) One of the advantages of having lots of children :-)

I managed to enjoy the foods since I did not wear mask anymore.

I was sharing. It took about 22 minutes to complete the sharing. If I added the 3 minutes from my mother-in-law, I just exceeded my time by 1 minute :-)

My wife played piano for me while I was singing.

Due to internet infrastructure problem caused by earthquake in Taiwan, I am unable to upload the audio file of this sharing for you now. I will do it later.

See you next post :-)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Day +178

My red eyes problem is getting better today.

We celebrated Joseph 7 years old birthday tonight. This is the second time I celebrate my children birthday since my bone marrow transplant. The first one was Adriel’s birthday on 11 August 2006. At that time I was still ‘hiding’ inside the room while they celebrated her birthday. Anyway, they passed me a dish of spaghetti for me to enjoy inside the room.

The situation had improved very much this time. Not only I managed to attend the birthday celebration but I also purchased and prepared most of the foods and drinks.

My wife made him a cake while I fried chicken nuggets and French fries. In addition to this, I also cooked spaghetti and prepared the drink. Daniel said the spaghetti is very delicious :-)

I managed to complete the cooking in less than one and half hour time. I believe my mother-in-law needs to spend more than three hours to finish this much of cooking :-( This is because she is very ‘detail’ in preparing the food. For example, if she were to cut the sausages for spaghetti sauce, she will cut each of them longitudinally into four parts and then slides each part individually into smaller pieces. So she needs to slice a total of twenty parts of sausage one by one which will definitely take a lot of time to finish. In contrast, I am very ‘rough’. I cut each of the five sausages longitudinally into four parts first, then hold all the twenty parts together as one bunch and slice them at once. If the resulting pieces are not fine enough, just chop them again :-)

However, having the patient to do thing in such a detail manner is not always bad. For example, she has the patient to peel off the peanut skin one by one and then divide each of them into half using a knife. With this, she will definitely be able to spot any ‘bad’ or rotten peanuts and throw them away. The resulting skinless half-sized peanuts are guaranteed to be fresh. Even though she might expect me to eat the peanut piece (half-sized) by piece, I always enjoy her ‘hard work’ mouthful by mouthful. She must be ‘scolding’ me in her heart when she saw me pouring a mouthful of peanuts into my mouth :-)

Family photo taken during the birthday celeberation. Click to view a large one.

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Day +177

My eyes condition worsens today. Both eyes become redder and turn sticky. And I also have the feeling that there is sand in my eyes.

I told my cell group members last night that I was using my wife’s eye drop. One of them quickly pointed out that it is not advisable to do this because the eye drop might be contaminated with bacteria. Sharing it might cause more problems to me. So I went to see doctor in a nearby clinic early this morning. I hope with the fresh eye drop and the eye ointment, my eyes condition will be improved very soon.

I purchased Christmas presents for Daniel, Joseph and Adriel at TESCO yesterday. I asked Daniel and Joseph to choose the presents that they want. Daniel wanted to have bicycle pump and Joseph selected the remote control car. You see, I, the servant have to always seek the approval of the bosses before buying presents for them, else they will be angry at me :-( I also chose a xylophone for Adriel.

Photo of the presents and apples. Click to get a larger view.

The bicycle pump worked very well. But to our disappointment, the remote control car is only half working :-( It managed to move forward most of the time but sometimes it just gave a very loud noise without any movement due to certain mechanical problems. And this was the problem, if it broke down totally I could just bring it to TESCO and demanded for a replacement. Now it worked intermittently. What if it worked perfectly when I show it to them? They might think that I am cheating :-( Finally, I got an idea. Why not ask the children to play the remote control car ‘fiercely’ until the problem becomes permanent? This would guarantee that it won’t work when I show it to them. And I tell you, it worked! Read carefully, not the car worked, but the idea worked :-) The problem became permanent.

I also discovered the 12 notes xylophone that I purchased for Adriel had a very soft and dull tone. It almost makes me sick and breathless listening to the tone.

What about the apples? Sigh! Eating this so called “4015 Red Delicious Washington Apple” is just like eating cotton :-( Not crispy at all.

So this afternoon, I brought the remote control car, xylophone and the apples to TESCO requesting for replacement. They agreed to replace the remote control car and the xylophone (I replaced it with a cheaper 8 notes xylophone which gives much brighter sound) but not the apples as their policy does not allow return of fresh product :-(

Now I have big headache, firstly because I lost money in buying this cotton-like apples which I hate most, secondly because I don’t know how to dispose these beautiful apples. If I simply throw them into the dustbin, my mother-in-law will definitely pick them up again. She is so thrifty (节俭) that sometimes she is even reluctant to throw away rotten foods, what more to say these fresh and beautiful looking apples? Sigh! Next time must be extra careful in buying apples.

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Day +176

I have red eyes today, otherwise I am fine.

My wife started to go to school on Wednesday after one year of holiday. As our maid also went back for holiday, I am now house husband. There is no way for me to enjoy my life in the isolated room anymore. Fortunately, my mother-in-law is here to help us.

I sweeps and mops the floor everyday, cleans toys (for Aaron), prepares milk and reads stories for Adriel and takes care of Aaron. My mother-in-law is in charge of cooking and washing the clothes.

The most challenging thing to me is to take care of the children. They seems to have unlimited energy. Daniel and Joseph always live in their fantasy war games, running here and there in the house, making all sorts of weapon and bombing noises and even slamming the doors. Sweating me :-( I believe they are influenced very much by computer games.

They are reluctant to let Adriel to participate in the ‘war’ and this resulted in real war (fighting) sometimes because Adriel disturbs them. This added another burden to me as a ‘war mediator’ :-(

Last night, Adriel comes to sleep on my bed. After I prayed for her, she wanted to pray for me. After she finished praying for me, she forced me to pray for her again, and only after so many rounds of prayer, she fell asleep. It was already at 12:30am by then. Sweating me again :-(

In fact, she never prayed for me in her prayer. She prayed like this, “…We go to church. Eat lunch dinner. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.” Her prayer became shorter and shorter. In the end her prayer became “In Jesus name we pray, Amen” only.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Day +175

I am fine today.

On Christmas night, I promised my eldest son Daniel that I will treat him a dinner which he can choose to order anything he likes. Initially, he wanted to eat crab but he changed his mind later. He wanted to have a steamboat dinner. So I brought my family for a steamboat dinner tonight.

The standard steamboat set did not come with any crab. However, we can side order it at a cost of RM30 per kg. I told Daniel the price and let him decide whether to order it or not. He finally 'abandoned' his desire of eating crab because he felt that it is too expensive.

You see, nowadays, children are bosses and parents are servant. The parent-children roles of filial piety(孝顺) has reversed. Instead of children have to respect and honor (孝顺) parents, now parents have to respect and honor (孝顺) their children :-( No wonder many of us do not want to bear too many children because the more children we have, the more people we have to respect and honor(孝顺).

The photo below proves what I said. (老爸正在孝顺孩子们) .Click to get a larger view.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Day +174

I am fine today.

Christmas season this year is a lot better than last year. Not only am I able to attend Christmas events, our family also blessed with a large guava and a giant papaya.

With limited space, we manage to grow a guava tree and a papaya tree at the front and back yard of the house respectively. The guava tree bears only one fruit so far :-( and the papaya tree already produces quite a number of papayas :-).

Many people persuaded me to eat organic foods because they believe ‘food is medicine’ and cancers are caused by consuming polluted and processed foods. With this in mind, these two fruits are very valuable to me because they are certified (by me) to be 100% organic and they are also unprocessed :-) I hope they really become medicine to cure whatever diseases that I have.

Photo of the 0.8kg guava fruit. Eaten and fully digested :-) Click the photo to get a large view.

Photo of the 3kg papaya. Eaten by the family last night and I believe it is also digested by now :-) Click the photo to get a large view.

There is also a big and tall Mangga (jackfruit) tree in front of the house but it does not bear any fruits so far. If I were not mistaken, we in the 'kampung'(village) last time used to cut the trunk with a chopper to make it bear fruit. I don't know how it works. Most probably it serves as a warning to the tree, "Listen carefully, if you don't bear fruit again, I will cut you like this with greater 'power' until you fall down." Hopefully with this, it will bear a 50kg organic fruit next year Christmas so that I can invite you to a Mangga fest :-)

See you next post :-)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Day +173

I am well today.

Today is Christmas day, my family and I attended a Christmas celebration in our church. On the way back from the church, my eldest son, Daniel, ‘demanded’ me to bring him to a restaurant to eat crab. I told him it was too late (10:30pm) and we had to go home to rest. At the same time, I also promised him a dinner later which he can order anything he likes. But he wanted to eat crab immediately and was angry with my proposal. What a hot tempered and gluttonous boy! Like father like son :-(

It has been more than one year I could not bring my family for holiday or enjoy foods in restaurant. I hope my condition will be improved further that I can do this in the near future.

Last year on the same day, I flew back from Kuching after my holiday and first round of chemotherapy. I thank God that I am still alive today and not only that, there is one precious life (Aaron) added to my family :-)

Let me share with you my family photo taken today after the Christmas celebration. Click the picture to get a large one.

I thank all of you who supported me financially, morally and also through prayers, various form of encouragements and visits.

Merry Christmas to you again and may God bless you!

See you next post :-)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Day +172

I wish you Merry Christmas and a healthy, properous and joyful 2007!

Click 'Play' to enjoy the Christmas carol:-)

See you next post :-)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Day +171

I am fine today. Continue from yesterday...

Am I weaker after the transplant? If no, why couldn’t I loosen the screws on the wheel? Don’t worry, I believe I am as strong as before, or may be even stronger after the transplant. Few weeks ago I just effortlessly pull off the handle of the front right car door handle. And without this handle, there was no way to open this door to access to the driver seat. Every time, I need to go into the car through other doors and then open this door from inside. What a troublesome thing to do!

I am reluctant to fix a new handle because it costs more than RM100. The mechanic also face difficulty in finding a second hand handle for me. In the end he found a quick fix for me which costs RM0 :-) Now there is only one car in this world with this type of door handle. I think it deserves to be included in the Guinness World Record! What do you think?

The good handle on the front left door.

The modified handle on the front left door :-)

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Day +170

I am fine today.

On Wednesday, I found one of the tyres of my old Daihatsu Charade (the one which underwent engine transplant not long ago) punctured. I tried to replace it with the spare tyre. When I wanted to take out the spare tyre under the bonnet, I was surprised to find out that it was soaking in the water. It looks like the rain water seeps into the bonnet and get retained there. As a result, a lot of fungus grows there. Luckily, I wore mask, else these fungus might ‘jumped’ into my nose and infected me.

There was not much air left in the spare tyre as well. However, it was far better than the punctured tyre which was totally flattened. I thought I could just fix it and then rush the car to the nearest workshop. I was very soon to found out that I did not have enough strength to unscrew any one of the 4 screws on the wheel. So I call the workshop mechanic to come to my house to fix the problem. They suggested me to replace all four tyres as they are trait of cracks on them. I believed the rubber was ‘dead’. No wonder the car jumped so seriously.

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Day +169

My Blood Count Today:
Red Blood Count (RBC) = 128(Normal 130-180)
Platelet = 124(Normal 150-150)
White Blood Count (WBC) = 4.4(Normal 4 - 11)

I am fine today.

I went to a nearby clinic to do a blood test this morning. It costs me RM35. With the white blood count increased to 4.4 now, I think I can attend some Christmas events, and even enjoy turkey :-) Turkey, turkey, I love you :-) But wait, where is the mouth watering roasted turkey??

Don't worry, it’s here :-)

In fact we can conveniently order a 4-6kg roasted Christmas turkey with stuffing and gravy from Victoria Station Restaurant at a price of more than RM200. I believe it costs less than RM100 if we roast it ourselves. A big saving, isn’t it? The more you roast, the more you save. If you cannot finish it, just call for my help. I am very obliged to help you save money by eating the turkey for you, so that you can roast more and thus save more :-)

If you don’t know how to roast a turkey, get the recipe here and start saving money today.

See you next post and Merry Christmas to you :-)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Day +168

I am fine today.

I upgraded my blog today to its latest version. The main benefit of this upgrade is the ability to label or to tag an article. As of today, I have completed 171 posts, and since l use the bone marrow transplant day as the title for each post, there is no way of predicting the content of each article through the title. However, l will continue to use the transplant day as the title because this blog was created mainly to share my transplant experience.

Now with the ability to label an article, the reader can choose to read on the interested category of articles by clicking the labels on the left. For example, if a reader just would like to know what had happened during my bone marrow transplant, he/she can click on the label Transplant, and all articles posted by me during the transplant will be shown.

I am now busy labeling the articles and l hope l can complete labeling all of them by this week.

See you next post :-)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Day +167

I am fine today, but my wife is not fine. She has red eyes and just see a doctor this afternoon. Continue from yesterday…

Part 4 of 4

We are now bean fans. Apart from soybean, we took green bean, red bean, black bean, long bean and French bean. I also took baked bean (Navy bean). We believe that these beans will help to normalize our blood counts.

One type of bean that we did not eat is Mr. Bean. However, like other beans, Mr. Bean is also good for health because he makes people laugh and you know, “Laughter is the best medicine” :-)

My wife does not like Mr. Bean, but I like him very much. Therefore, if I like to make my wife angry, I just act like Mr. Bean and then she will be very mad at me but laughing :-) I told her sometime that I am ‘Bean Ting’ :-) Just like beans are healthy food, I believe ‘Bean Ting’ is a healthy name too :-)

Just for your information, next Mr. Bean movie called Mr. Bean’s Holiday is to be released March, next year. I couldn’t wait to watch this movie and I am sure it will improve my health, and of course your health too :-)

With my friend permission, I would like to give a summary of his condition.

Disease: Myeloproliferative Disorder (MPD), with high white blood count
Diagnosed: End of 2002
Treatment: Oral Hydroxyurea for 3 years, started to have blood transfusion almost monthly from May 2005 until May 2006.
Alternative Therapy: Coffee Enema, started 10 April 2006 and showed good result on June 2006. No longer needs blood transfusion for 6 months after that.

Let us join our heart to pray for our dear brother, Mr. Teh (his name) that he will be completely healed from this disease.

See you next post :-)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Day +166

I am fine today. Continue from yesterday…

Part 3 of 4

Listening to her advice, my friend stopped taking Ensure Milk and started to make and drink fresh soy milk everyday. I told him that the Ensure Milk is made from soy protein isolate and enriched with many vitamins and minerals, not from cow milk. So the ‘hormone theory’ proposed by the lady cannot be established. While hormones did stimulate the bone marrow to produce bloods, the root cause of the blood disorder might not always be attributed to hormone problem.

In fact, soy protein isolate is good for health. The following paragraphs regarding soy protein isolate is taken from Wikipedia.

“Soy protein isolate is a highly refined or purified form of soy protein with a minimum protein content of 90% on a moisture-free basis. It is made from defatted soy flour which has had most of the non-protein components, fats and carbohydrates removed. Because of this, it has a neutral flavor and will cause less gas due to bacterial flatulence.

Soy protein isolate is used in health foods as it is a complete vegetable protein containing all the essential amino acids. Also, it has a very low fat content when compared to animal sources of protein. It is also claimed that soy protein isolate may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and help prevent osteoporosis, some cancers and menopausal symptoms.”

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Day +165

I am fine today. I did not attend church service this morning due to my low blood count. Continue from yesterday…

Part 2 of 4

Apart from the pain that we have to bear, the procedure is also very tedious. One has to cook the coffee, bring the temperature down to about body temperature, prepare distilled water, make sure that the apparatus used are clean and doing tidying-up works after the procedure. In addition, one has to prepare and consume considerable amount of fruit juice and take supplements supplied by the company during the program. My wife and I completed a 7-days program a few years ago.

This friend of mine is very persistent. He did coffee enema everyday. After one month, all his blood counts returned to normal level without even taking the prescribed drug. What an incredible result! I have seen so many failures on alternative medicine and natural therapy approaches or products, but this is the first case that looks so promising to me. So I am very eager to know the long term result of this approach.

I contacted my friend again a few days ago. Unfortunately, he told me his condition worsen and require blood transfusion again. Few months ago, he came to know that I am taking Ensure Milk through reading my blog, so he also took it. He told the lady who introduced him the detoxification and rejuvenation program about this, and the answer that he received was incredible (令我大开眼界)! Do you know what she said? “You have to stop taking Ensure Milk. While cow milk might be beneficial to others, but the hormone from cow milk is not good for your body especially in this case, your disease is caused by hormone”

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Day +164

I am fine today. I continue to tell story about my friends. The story about this friend is rather long, so I divide it into four parts.

Part 1 of 4

I met a friend in UH who had some kinds of blood disorder beginning this year. The disease causes proliferation of white blood cells. Doctor prescribed him the drug Hydroxyurea to control the disease. This drug could cause bone marrow toxicity and thus affects the blood cells production. Therefore, blood transfusion is needed on and off.

At one point of time, it looks like the disease could no longer be controlled by the drug. He then took products from a very well known international MLM company who promotes Nutritional Immunology. After consuming the products for 3 months, the condition remains.

He then switched to the approach advocated by a local MLM health company who promotes a body detoxification and rejuvenation program. It is no joke to undergo this program. One has to introduce coffee (a type of coffee supplied by the company) through the anus to the colon and then hold it for a few minutes before releasing it to the toilet. This procedure is called coffee enema, colon irrigation or colon hydrotherapy. With the coffee inside the colon, the stomach will ache like when we experience food poisoning.

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Day +163

I am fine today.

During my third chemotherapy, I met a man in his 40s who was admitted to the hematology ward due to fever. This man did his bone marrow transplant about two years ago as a treatment of aplastic anemia. It is a disease whereby the bone marrow fails to produce blood. This disease is caused by autoimmune disorder where the white blood cells attack the bone marrow. It can be treated by suppressing the body immune system through drug such as Ciclosporin (the drug that I am taking now to prevent GVHD). For more severe cases, bone marrow transplant is needed.

He was the first transplant patient that I met and was very enthusiastic in sharing his transplant experience with me, mostly talking on his unpleasant experience :-( One of his experiences that frightened me most is liver biopsy whereby some liver specimen is obtained by poking a needle through the chest. Initially, I thought every transplant patient have to go through this procedure. Fortunately, I find out later that most transplant patients do not need to do this. He needed liver biopsy because his liver did not function well due to GVHD, and thus doctor need to confirm the cause through liver biopsy.

We met quite often in the General Clinic while we were doing our follow-up. When we meet, he always likes to do head count, telling us who are ‘missing’ or so and so were doing follow-up with him, but now do not see them again. Some of my friends are very scared to talk with him :-(

He is very careful with the food that he eats. Even after two and half years after transplant, he never purchased pre-prepared food such as economic rice and uncooked food. When he wants to order food in the restaurant or food stall, he will stand there and instruct the cook how to prepare his meal. Basically, the requirement is to cook everything thoroughly and never add anything else such as soy sauce and chili or whatever seasoning to the cooked food. During last follow-up, he advised me not to take economic rice in the hospital, but at that time I already enjoyed my ‘big pack’ of economic rice with red fried sweet chicken with some vegetable. What else can I do? The food already goes into my stomach :-(

See you next post :-)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Day +162

I am fine today. Daniel started to have fever today while Joseph just recovered from fever a few days ago. It looks like the infection spread from Joseph to Daniel. Hopefully, Adriel and Aaron will escape from infection this time.

During last few follow-up, I met a patient in his late 20s from Tanjung Sepak who did his bone marrow transplant more than 5 years ago. He was diagnosed with Leukaemia while studying medicine in China. Then he came back from China to do chemotherapy in UH. Not long after that, he experienced a relapse and then went for bone marrow transplant.

Unfortunately, he suffered from chronic GVHD which makes him gasp even after some very little work such as walking. I realized that he is even unable to talk while walking. Because of GVHD, he still needs to do follow-up once a fortnight. So I met him every follow-up now.

His father is a fisherman who owns a fishing boat. Every evening he goes to the sea to catch fish and then comes back the next morning. I told him when I am getting better, I will go to Tanjung Sepak to follow his father to fish in the sea. He gladly accepted my suggestion. (Don’t know whether his father will allow me to go or not) He also promised to ‘belanja’ (treat) me fresh seafood steamboat :-) At the same time, I will also get good supply of super-fresh seafood :-)

See you next post :-)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Day +161

I am fine today.

This year, I made a lot of friends in UH. I met most of them in the hematology ward during chemotherapy. After the bone marrow transplant, I also befriended a few post-transplant patients who do follow-up in the same clinic.

Never in my life had I lost so many friends in a year. I was very glad to meet a girl who completed her third party (non-sibling) bone marrow transplant in Taiwan during my 27 November follow-up. We did chemotherapy and stayed next to each other in the hematology ward early this year. She came for her first follow-up in UH and was very enthusiastic in telling us what happened there. Last Thursday, I was very surprised to receive a call from a friend informing that the girl had passed away.

I asked doctor why the girl passed away. “GVHD?”, “No”. “Infection?”, “No”. “What else it could be?” I puzzled. “Why you want to know?” doctor asked. I said if I know the reason then I can be more careful to avoid the same problem, and if he don’t tell me the reason, I might not be able to sleep (don’t worry, I can sleep well). Doctor said, “No, no. Don’t worry, your case is different.”

Later someone told me her white blood count shot up to 200 when she admitted to UH early last week. I guess she was experiencing a relapse of the disease.

The Bible says that we are actually pilgrims of this world (2 Peter 2:11) and advises us to live our life wisely as what the Psalm 90:12 says, “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.”

See you next post :-)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Day +160

I am fine today.

My next follow-up is scheduled one month later. It supposes to be two weeks from yesterday, but because that Monday falls on Christmas holiday, and the following Monday is a New Year holiday, so the follow-up is scheduled one month later.

In fact, doctor asked me to go back one week later because my white blood count dropped a lot since last follow-up. He wanted to see the blood count one week later. I requested him to allow me to come back one month later. It is not because I am lazy to go for follow-up, but it is really too troublesome, time consuming and tiring to complete a follow-up. Yesterday, I left home at 10:00am and reached home at 5:00pm only. It took me 30 minutes just to get my car parked in UH :-(

After parking the car, I rushed to the hematology ward to ask the favor of the day care nurse there to take my blood sample. This is to make sure that the blood test results are ready at 2:00pm. Another option is to let the doctor takes blood sample at 2:00pm and waits for the result before seeing the doctor again.

I feel regret today for not accepting doctor’s advice to go back for follow-up next week. Who knows the white blood count will not drop further? Suddenly a great idea comes to my mind. Why not goes to a nearby clinic to do a blood count just before the Christmas? If the count is good, I can even attend some Christmas events and enjoy roasted turkey :-)

See you next post :-)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Day +159

My Blood Count Today:
Red Blood Count (RBC) = 117(Normal 130-180)
Platelet = 113(Normal 150-450)
White Blood Count (WBC) = 2.8(Normal 4 - 11)
Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) = 1.344 (Normal 1.5 - 8.0)
Potassium = 4.5(Normal 3.5 - 5.2)
Blood Pressure = 160/100 (Normal 120/80)

I went to UH to do my follow-up today. All blood counts dropped. The most notable one is the white blood count which dropped from 3.7 to 2.8. In other words, it dropped 23.4% :-( With ANC lower than 1.5, I am considered having neutropenia now, which means that the body resistance to infection is low. I believe I need to isolate myself (闭关练功) again :-( Furthermore, the blood pressure is also high, so doctor advised me to take Norvasc again :-(

One good news is that the cytogenetic result for bone marrow sample taken on Day +80 shows that my pair 23 chromosome remains to be XX. That means my sister’s stem cells engraved well and are producing blood.

The doctor wanted to cut down the anti-GVHD drug (Ciclosporin) as soon as possible because there is no sign of GVHD. This drug is immunosuppressive agent which suppresses one's immune system. By reducing the dosage, the immune system will not be suppressed too much so that it would attack Leukaemic cells in the body, if any left. It is just like we brought home a fierce dog (new immune system). Initially, we have to chained it because we worried it would attack someone (host organs) at home. Now the dog is a little bit tamer, we loosen it so that it would attack the thieves (Laukaemic cells). This effect is called Graft-Versus-Leukaemia.

Patients who are unfit for full transplant due to certain circumstances such as weak organs will be given mini transplant. The chemotherapy intensity before the infusion of stem cells is reduced for this type of transplant, and thus there might be more Leukaemic cells left in the body compared to full transplant. In spite of this, the mini transplant can be effective because the body relies on Graft-Versus-Leukaemia to terminate the remaining Leukaemic cells in the body.

See you next post :-)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Day +158

I am fine. I attended church service this morning.

Continue from yesterday…

In order to identify the suitable donor fast enough so that I could continue transplant immediately after my fourth round of chemotherapy. We decided to do HLA typing for the rest of the sibling at once.

While I was doing my third round of chemotherapy, Sie Ling went to UH to draw blood sample for HLA typing. My eldest sister, Sie Huong is staying in Kuching, she sent the blood samples to UH for typing through courier service. My third brother who is staying in Bintulu came back to Sibu to draw blood samples together with the rest of my brothers and sisters who are staying in Sibu and Bintangor.

Richard went back to Sibu on the 23, February and brought the blood samples of 5 of my brothers and sisters to UH on the next day. In order to catch the 9:00am flight, the lab who took the blood sample opens at 7:00am. The amount of blood sample from each individual is about 75ml to 100ml. But to play safe, my eldest sister said it would be better to draw 150ml of blood sample from each one. Unfortunately, the lab did not have test tubes large enough to hold 150ml of blood. It only has test tube with 50ml capacity. So three test tubes of blood sample are needed and everyone ‘kena cucuk’ (get poked) three times that day :-(

In fact, there is a type of needle with a plastic tube connected to it that would allow multiple test tubes of blood sample to be drawn through a single poking. The lab there did not have this type of needle.

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Day +157

I am fine today. Now continue to talk about my pre-transplant preparation and struggle.

Everyone in my family were guessing who’s HLA would match mine. We put a lot of hope on my youngest brother, Richard and fourth sister, Sie Ling. All three of us are staying near to each other in Puchong, Selangor while the rest of my brothers and sisters are staying in Sarawak.

Richard and I did the HLA typing first on 20th and 23th January respectively while I was doing my second round of chemotherapy in UH. Our idea is that if his HLA match mine, the rest do not need to do the typing. This would save us some money.

There are two places we could do the typing, one in UH which costs RM550 per person and the other one in Institute For Medical Research, Malaysia (IMR) which costs RM25 per person only. I was told that the IMR would need more time to produce the test result. In order to be fast, we decided to do the test in UH.

It was found out that Richard’s HLA does not match mine after three weeks we sent our blood sample for testing.

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Day +156

I am fine today. I would like to talk about my pre-transplant preparation and struggle.

As mentioned on my blog Day +130, I explained the reasons that made me so determined to go for transplant, even though it is a high risk procedure.

The type of transplant that I went through was called sibling (brothers or sisters) Allogeneic Transplant. The stem cells from a matching brothers or sisters are first collected. The recipient then goes through heavy chemotherapy to strike off his or her own stem cells. After this, the stem cell from the donor is infused into the recipient vein. These stem cells will find their way miraculously into the recipient bone marrow to manufacture blood.

In order to find a matching sibling, a type of test called Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing need to be done. There is a probability of 25% that a sibling’s HLA will match each other. In other words, I should find a match in every four brothers or sisters. Since I have 8 brothers and sisters, I was very confident that I could find at least one match.

HLA is a group of genes that encodes the cell-surface antigen-presenting proteins. Only siblings with matched HLA are donor candidates. This is to make sure that once the donor stem cells started to function in the recipient, it will produce the same cell-surface antigen as before, and this prevent the new antigen to start an immune response to attack the host (recepient) organs, a symptom called Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD).

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Day +155

I am fine today.

I attended my church cell group meeting tonight. Many attendees shared about changes in their life after becoming a Christian.

A lot of hot tempered ladies and gentlemen become ‘cold tempered’ or not so hot tampered than before. Apart from this, a few of them are once alcoholics who claimed to be able to drink a lot without getting drunk (千杯不醉、万杯不醉). Surprisingly after becoming Christians, they get drunk after one cup :-) This miraculous change in ‘alcohol intake capacity’ rescues them from alcohol addiction which indirectly saves them lots of money. Furthermore, this also postpone the date they would go to heaven to report to God because they are now not subjected to health risk attributed to indulgence in alcohol.

A new believer who just accepted Christ for 5 days said that he received 5 calls from friends tonight just before coming for the cell group. These friends told him that a table-full of wine was waiting for him to indulge with free of charge. But he chose to come to the cell group :-)

Actually I have alcohol drinking problem too, but fortunately it is unable to appreciate it rather than addiction to it. To me, to drink alcohol is no different than drinking Axe Brand Medicated Oil (斧标驱风油) as shown below :-(

See you next post :-)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Day +154

I am fine today.

I started to go to office to do some ‘low-tension’ work :-). Just go whenever I feel like to go, and come home whenever I feel like to come home. Just wear whatever I like to wear and do whatever I like to do. Jobs with deadline and pressure are strictly prohibited. It is just like parents pamper their sick children with all sorts of goodies. To put it in positive way, this is the advantages of getting sick (自我安慰) :-)

It is not bad to be given this type of privilege. I no longer need to jump here and there (like what my nephew does now :-)), trying to solve all problems and finish all works simultaneously like a superman. And I hope with this, I can relax and see thing more clearly and explore something that was once considered not workable or impossible. This is just like what a Chinese idiom says, ‘当局者迷,旁观者清’,which means the observers are able see better than the players during a chess match.

When we first started to work, we are really ‘doing the work’. We have full control of the work. After sometimes, more work and responsibilities are assigned to us, and we started to lose some control of the work. Sometimes later, more work and responsibilities are assigned to us, and we almost lose control of all the work. We work frantically in an effort to clear all the backlog of work in order to have a gasp. But it seems that the more we work, the more work flow in, like an unending stream of water. At last, we work not because we want to do the work, but the ‘work’ forces us to do it. Instead of we are ‘doing the work’, now ‘the work is doing us’ :-(

If you are in the above situation, do not be discouraged. Many people cannot find a job, and yet you have so much work to do. You are considered to be very lucky! Positive thinking again :-)

See you next post and happy working :-)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Day +153

I am fine today.

Let’s talk about food again. One type of Asian foods once we think unhealthy is now found to possess antioxidant properties about 10 times more effective than red wine and 150 times more potent than vitamin C. Look at the dish below and guess which food I am referring to.

To our surprise, the answer is dark soy sauce. Cheer! We no longer need to feel guilty of taking soy sauce again :-) It is 150 times better than vitamin C!

The researchers at National University of Singapore (NUS) fed 24 volunteers a single dose of 30 ml commercial dark soy sauce mixed with 200g plain boiled rice or 200g plain boiled rice mixed with food colouring (placebo). Blood and urine sample were taken before and after meals to measure the antioxidant activity, and they found out the soy souce possess very high antioxidant properties as mentioned.

Antioxidant protects human cells from damage by free radicals, which have been linked to the aging process as well as a range of ailments including Parkinson's disease, cancer and heart disease.

This means eating soy sauce can slow down aging, prevent Parkinson's disease, cancer and heart disease :-)

If you want to read more about this, click here and here.

See you next post and enjoy eating soy sauce :-)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Day +152

I am fine today.

The classical guitar concert that I attended yesterday was organized by KL Guitar Ensemble II (KLGE II) led by Simon Cheong. He also leads the Classical Guitar Society of Malaysia. A copy of the poster for this concert is as follow:

A ticket costs RM48. There are about 300 audience turned up for the event. The performers did quite well in their performance. Of course, if compared to Ana Vidovic’s performance which is close to perfection, lots of improvements are still needed. However, if compared to my lousy skill (半桶水), they are top performers.

Attending concert like this regularly enables a guitar player to appreciate better the correct tone and colour (not referring to the painting on the guitar, but the varieties of sounds that the classical guitar can produce) of classical guitar. Nowadays, everyone wish to be thin and slim. However, guitar players always try to produce rich, fat, full, deep and round tone, which can only be achieved through correct shape of right hand’s finger nail together with the correct way of plucking the guitar string. Unfortunately, due to ignorance and lack of guidance, I always produce thin, shallow, empty and sharp tone. That means my right hand technique is wrong. My friend, who learned classical guitar under Simon Cheong and passed his grade 8 classical guitar exam is now teaching me (FOC) the correct right hand technique. With this, I have to 'throw away' my old habit (乖乖ly), and start to learn from ‘kindergarten’ level again :-(

With my shaky right hand (already improved now) and wrong right hand technique, I got last position in my classical guitar competition organized by a online classical guitar forum in China :-( If I were not mistaken, there are 7 participants. Forum members voted for the pieces that participants had submitted, the one who got the most vote win. I got 3 votes, 3 other participants got 4 votes, the champion got 10 votes, 1st runner up got 7 votes, and the 2nd runner up got 6 votes.

I am not discouraged at all with the position. In fact I am very happy because "I have a life to get last position" :-)

See you next post :-)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Day +151

I am fine today. I attended Sunday worship this morning and then went to do some shopping on the way back. Joseph is having fever and headache, and Adriel and Aaron started to have running nose. So only Daniel and I went to the church.

Now continue from yesterday...

The audience has to wear formal attire and has to behave very gently in the classical music concert. If we attend a concert like this, we also need to know when we can clap our hands. A piece of music might be divided into many movements, and there is always a pause between movements. People will laugh at us if we clap our hands between movements. So if we don’t know the music well, clap hands only when everybody claps their hands (有样学样,不懂装懂) :-)

After the performance, she held an autograph session. Everybody asked her to sign on the program note as follow: (Click on the picture to have a larger view)

In fact, I missed two free classical guitar concerts by a Brazilian classical guitarist at KLPAC on 27 and 28 November, two consecutive days just before Ana Vidovic concert. My friends and I saw the poster at the KLPAC while attending Ana Vidovic convert. Nobody informed us about thsi concert. We joined The Classical Guitar Community during this concert, and we hope that the community will inform us all future classical guitar events, so that we don't miss any good concert especially those with free admission :-)

This is the best classical guitar concert I ever attend. Anyway, I only attended two classical guitar concerts including this one :-( I attended first classical guitar performance not long before I went for bone marrow transplant. It was performed by a young guitarist who is still studying a music course in US. We believe he still has a long journey to go before becoming a fine guitarist.

I will be attending another classical guitar concert tonight by a group of local classical guitarists called KL Classical Guitar Ensemble II :-)

I was admitted to Kuching General Hospital on 28 November last year due to Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, and I managed to enjoy a high standard classical guitar on 29 November this year. I praise God for his mercy and grace that sustain my life to enjoy many things in this world :-)

See you next post and may God bless you :-)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Day +150

I am fine today.

On Wednesday (29 November), I attend a classical guitar concert at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC). The performer was called Ana Vidovic, a 27 years old Croatian. She has given over 1000 public performance since first taking stage in 1998. As we can see from her web site at, her upcoming performances already planned until March 2008.

There were more than 400 audience turned up in this concert. A ticket costs RM68. The performer played 8 famous classical guitar pieces as follow, arranged in the form (composer: piece name, followed by musical movements if any) :

1. Fernando Sor: Introduction, Theme & Variations on a Theme of Mozart Op. 9 (莫扎特魔笛变奏曲)
2. F. Monero Torroba: Suite Catellana
· Fandanguillo (1st Movement)
· Arada (2nd movement)
· Danza (3rd movement)
3. F. Monero Torroba: Sonatina
· Allegretto
· Adante
· Allegro
4. Isaac Albeniz: Austuria(Leyenda) (传说)
5. Manuel Ponce: Sontina Meridional
· Campo
· Copla
· Fiesta
6. St Jepan Sulek: The Troubadour’s Three
· Melancholy
· Sonnet
· Celebration
7. A. Barrios Mangore: La Catedral (大教堂)
· Preludio Saudade
· Andante Religioso
· Allegro Solemne
8. F. Tarrega: Recuerdos de la Alhambra (阿尔汗布拉宫的回忆)

Except The Troubadour’s Three which was composed by a Croatian called St Jepan Sulek, I am quite familiar with other pieces. I also have CD and scores for these pieces. The last piece is a wonderful piece composed by a Spanish composer called Francisco Tarrega (1852-1909) in remembrance of Alhambra. He is regarded as one of the most influential guitarists the world has ever known. He is also considered the father of the modern classical guitar.

Alhambra is an ancient mosque, palace and fortress complex of the Moorish monarchs of Granada, in southern Spain. It is now perserved as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A picture of Alhambra is shown below (Courtesy of Wikipedia). Click on the picture to get a larger view.

If you never listen to the piece before, you can dowload it here and let me know if you like it. If you need other pieces, either in the form of audio file or score, I can share them with you.

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Day +149

I am fine today.

This afternoon, our Indonesian maid went home for holiday after working for us for about 3 years. She will come back to work on 11 January 2007. We have to pay for her return air ticket between KLIA and Bali, and we also promised to pay all her transportation fee over there. She said she needs to take another flight to reach her ‘kampung’ (rural village) over there. We do not object to her request, though there are cheaper means of transportation from Bali to her ‘kampung’. Of course she still enjoys full salary during the holiday.

The maid brought a lot of things back to Indonesia. The low cost flight service AirAsia weighted her hand luggage during check in and found out that it is overweight. She was forced to transfer some clothes to her check in luggage, and had to pay about RM100 overweight fee. According to my wife, AirAsia charged RM14 per kg of overweight luggage for flight between KLIA and Bali. What a lucrative income for them! The ticket price is about RM150, excluding miscellaneous charges. The overweight charge is equivalent to 66.7% of the ticket price. My brother, Richard, already warned me this new lucrative income generating measure by AirAsia a few days earlier. If you are a ‘powerful’ passenger who always carry heavy hand luggage, be aware about this, else it will definitely burn a hole in your wallet.

We are quite confident we can manage without the maid. My mother-in-law is now promoted to the ‘chief cook’. The girl who is sleeping with the maid since I was sick had been asked to sleep with my wife for the past few days. We also asked the two boys to involve in some house works such as sweeping floor, mopping floor, cleaning toilet and etc. A reward system is established to motivate them to do the work. For example, 5 points for sweeping floor, 3 points for cleaning a toilet and etc. I issue them reward coupon at the end of the day. They can redeem this coupon for ‘computer game time’ or purchase something they like.

See you next post :-)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day +148

I am fine today.

InnerTalk Story: Part 6 of 6

You might feel that I got nothing to do and thus ‘think too much’ (没事做,胡思乱想). Since I am listening to the CD day and night now, if it works, my subconscious will be programmed very soon to believe whatever InnerTalk said. Before that happens, I better exercise my ‘critical thinking’ a little bit.

Please let me know if you would like to try some of the titles. I can let you try and if they are helpful to you, you can then purchase them from InnerTalk. I have 22 titles, including Cancer Remission that I am listening now (while writing this blog and sleeping later), and please don’t ask me where I get them because I already ‘forgot’ where I got them. “I just turn on my computer and realize that they are there!” Incredible, isn’t it?

If you want to find out more about subliminal messages, click here. The InnerTalk web site can be accessed here.

I am sorry if you are an InnterTalk agent. This is just my opinion, and I do not deny the effectiveness of this technology at all. If you ask me, “Do you believe in this technology?” The answer is, “I don’t know.”

See you next post :-)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day +147

I am fine today. Continue from yesterday...

InnerTalk Story: Part 5 of 6

If the technology works as claimed, you and I have very reason to worry about its misuses. How do we know the messages embedded in the music are not harmful to us? Since it is ‘pushed’ into our subconscious through the InnerTalk technology, bypassing our conscious reasoning, it is impossible for us to evaluate the content of the messages. For instance, one can embeds a message, “Give me all your money” into the music and share the music with you. Then you will subconsciously give all money to the one who exploits you through this technology.

In order for the technology to be used securely, we need an independent body to develop a computer program that will reverse the message manipulation process to restore them to their original form. The program should be released under open source license so that anyone can examine the algorithm to make sure that no undesirable manipulation is being done while restoring the messages. I am sure embarking on this project will make you famous throughout the world. Just imagine a search in Google on InnerTalk produces 81,300 links, and most of these sites mentioned the InnerTalk creator, Dr. Eldon Taylor. With the successful implementation of InnerTalk messages restore program, you will definitely find your name into these 81,300 sites easily, along side with Dr. Eldon Taylor :-)

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Day +146

I am fine today. Just continue from yesterday...

InnerTalk Story: Part 4 of 6

Furthermore, if the warning is true, then you have very reason to worry about the money in your bank account which is kept the same way as the audio CD. If the bank backup your account information by copying them to another disk, and degradation as mentioned would occurs, your balance of RM1,000,000.00 might becomes RM0,000,000.00 :-(, because the 1 in front change to 0 due to degradation. This should never happens.

This shows that they are ‘cheating’. If they cheat on this, can they cheat on others, including the claims that the technology is effective?

Their web site also gave many testimonies about the effectiveness of their products. At the first glimpse, these testimonies are very convincing. But I advice you never accept testimonies purely in determining whether a product is effective. Testimonies only tell you the positive side (success) of the stories; they never tell you the negative side (failure) of the stories. For example, two tennis players A and B, both listening to the title “Excel in Tennis” compete in a tennis tournament. If A wins, they will say A wins because he listened to the CD and forget about B totally, who also listened to the CD and lose. If B wins, they will instead accept testimonies from B and forget about A totally. In this way, testimonies are a ‘sure win’ (包赢) way to advertising products and it can be very subjective and misleading, either intentionally or unintentionally. Beware!

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Day +145

My Blood Count Today:
Red Blood Count (RBC) = 118(Normal 130-180)
Platelet = 120(Normal 150-450)
White Blood Count (WBC) = 3.7(Normal 4 - 11)
Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) = 2.553 (Normal 1.5 - 8.0)
Potassium = 4.6(Normal 3.5 - 5.2)

I am fine today. I went to UH to do follow-up this morning. All counts improved :-) Doctor also cut down my Ciclosporin intake from 75mg/day to 50mg/day. Now back to the InnerTalk story…

InnerTalk Story: Part 3 of 6

Their brochure listed many independent research works that make the method scientifically proven, but not a single reference was given. They should at least give us an idea where and when the works had been published, so that it would be easier to verify their claim. They also claimed these researches were done in collaboration with Universities such as University of South California, Stanford University, Bremen University and etc. But if you search the universities web site for InnerTalk relevant works, you find none.

There is a warning labeled on the CD, “Warning: This is a thought modification program. Do not attempt to make duplicate from this CD since the subliminal contents of the resulting copy would be severely degraded; and all guarantees will be void.” What they mean is that if you ‘pirate’ the CD, the quality of the message might degrade or change, resulting in your subconscious incorrectly programmed. For example, the message “I am slim” might become “I am fat”. As I studied electronic and computer engineering, and later computer science, I can confidently tell you that the first part of the warning is far from truth. It is their way of threatening you from duplicating their product in an effort to protect their profit.

The audio CD was prepared using digital technology which uses a combination of discrete value 1 and 0 to present information. The computer or CD player also comes with every robust error detection technology. So if a message “11011001” becomes “10011001”, the computer will be able to detect the mistake and correct it. So it is impossible the quality will degrade. I can also tell you that they themselves do not abide to this warning because their US counterpart is selling some CD titles in mp3 format. When we convert the original audio CD to mp3, the conversion algorithm purposely throw away portions of signal which our ear could not detect to reduce the size of music file. Who knows the portion that is thrown away is not the vital message that we intend to send to our subconscious mind?

To be continued and see you next post:-)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Day +144

I am fine today. I attended Sunday worship in the morning and bought school uniforms for the two boys on the way back from church. The Jusco member day ends today, so I have to shop today in order to get 15% discount.

InnerTalk Story: Part 2 of 6

They have over 400 titles for you to choose from. This covers almost anything you need, from “Freedom from Junk Food” to “Natural Breast Enlargement”. But unfortunately, I could not find a title related to detoxification which a lot of health conscious people are talking about. With such CD, one no longer needs to go to the extreme to perform controversial and may be risky colon irrigation detoxification using coffee enema. Just listen to music and you will be detoxified. It is so cheap and easy, isn’t it?

The promoter at the exhibition booth asked why I wore mask. I told her my story. She then gave me a free Cancer Remission music CD. They claimed that this free CD showed that they are non-profit organization, but selling a CD at RM139, who will not doubt that, they are non-profit organization?

The promoter also enquires about my financial situation. I was so touch by her kindness initially; I thought she was going to assist me financially. After telling her that my financial situation is manageable, she said it would be better for me to purchase a dual CD set titled “Accelerated Healing & Well Being” which cost RM249. Of course I declined her suggestion gracefully. I dared not tell her that in fact someone already copied the CD for me free of charge a few months ago ;-)

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Day +143

I am fine today.

I completed a long story regarding an interesting technology called InnerTalk, a subliminal and hypnosis program. I divide the story into 6 parts to save your time in reading:-)

InnerTalk Story: Part 1 of 6

Yesterday, I went to Chinese book exhibition at Mines Exhibition and Convention Centre. The organizer claimed that this is Malaysia biggest Chinese book exhibition, but I found out that it is not really big. Some famous bookshops such as Popular Bookstore and (ShangWu) 商务 did not join the exhibition.

I came across a booth that was promoting a technology called Innertalk invented by Dr. Eldon Taylor, a psychotherapist. The so called patented technology makes use of subliminal messages to program one's subconscious mind (潜意识) or deeper mind. All positive affirmative messages such as “I am a gift.”, “I am healed.”, “I love myself.”, “My cells rejuvenate.”, and so on and so forth are recorded, and then transformed to a frequency equivalent to our brainwave. They are then embedded into easy listening music similar to New Age music and ocean sound track.

They claimed that theses messages will bypass our conscious mind (our critical thinking or reasoning) and go straight into our subconscious mind. In other words, those who hear the messages have no capability to deny them. In this way our subconscious mind is programmed effortlessly. You can listen to the CD while sleeping, driving, reading and doing anything because the messages will sneak into your deeper mind without your knowledge. For example, if you want to lose weight, just purchase their CD titled “Weight Loss Now” and repeatedly listen to the music and the ocean sound track. There are 86 messages embedded in the music or ocean sound track in this title, some examples of the messages are, “I am slim, thin, clean and healthy” “I like fruits.”, “I like vegetables.”, “I leave some food on the plate.” and so on and so forth. What an effortless (lazy man) way of reducing weight!

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Day +142

I am fine today. Continue from yesterday...

In order to prevent infection due to these enemies, I have to take the following drugs:

1. Sporanox, four pills taken twice daily, to prevent fungus infection.
2. Valtrex (Valaclovir), 3 tablets taken three times daily, to prevent virus infection.
3. Penicillin, 4 tablets taken twice daily, to prevent bacterial infection.
4. Bactrin(Co-Trimoxazole), 8 tablets taken twice weekly, to prevent bacterial infection.
5. Norvasc (Amlodipine), stopped taking, to reduce blood pressure.
6. Supradyn, multivitamin and mineral supplement

Since I am already taking oral forms of anti-bacterial, anti-virus and anti-fungus drugs, if I get infection again, I have to be admitted to hospital to be treated with intravenous drugs. That is why I have to be very careful.

The most expensive drug is Valtrex which costs RM11.30 per tablet and I believe the total cost of the drugs should be more than RM1500 per month. However, I am glad to have them free of charge.

Now I show you the real picture of the drugs that I take, from left to right on the back row: Ciclosporin, Sporanox, Valtrex, Supradyn; on the front row: Card Holder (Not drug, I don’t eat this), Penicillin and Bactrin. Click on the picture to get a larger and clearer view.

Since I consume many Supradyn, I got a lot of card holders. Let me know if you posses too many credit cards and don’t know how to keep them. I can always provide the card holders for you free of charge.

See you next post :-)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Day +141

I am fine today.

Many people asked me what medicine I am taking now. So I will give you some picture (I mean real picture tomorrow) about the medicine that I consume everyday.

The most important drug that I am taking now is called Ciclosoprin. It is used to prevent Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD). I met some kidney transplant patients who are also using this drug to prevent rejection. I explained quite clearly (I think) the differences between GVHD and rejection on my blog Day +132.

Ciclosporin is an immunosuppressant drug widely used post-allogeneic organ transplant to reduce the activity of the patient's immune system and so the risk of organ rejection. In other words, it carries a message to the immune system, “Good boy, don’t attack them, they are friends.” This prevents the immune system to attack the organs.

However, this message might also make the immune system makes friend with real enemies such as bacterial, virus and fungus, resulting the patient getting infection easily.

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Day +140

I am fine today.

I started to jog since last Saturday, completing a distance of 7.5km in about half an hour every morning, just like what I did before I was sick.

The doctor said it is alright for me to jog, so I purchased a new pair of shoes, and started to enjoy jogging again. It had been almost one year I could not jog. A senior woman along the way asked me why I was ‘missing in action’ for such a long time. I told her my story.

Someone advised me not to jog, but to do some lighter exercise such as Qigong(气功) and Taijiquan(太极拳). May be they thought that jogging is too vigorous for people like me. However, I am not the only one who jog after transplant. A patient told me he jogged for one hour after transplant. I forgot to ask him how long after transplant he did this.

It is quite difficult for me to sweat without jogging, and since many people believe that sweating is part of detoxification process, I must jog to discharge tons of toxic that was accumulated within my body due to Leukaemia treatment, so that eventually I will be toxic-less like you:-)

Apart from detoxification, jogging could reduce high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. My blood pressure now is within normal range, so I stopped taking Novarsc, a drug used to reduce blood pressure. Another thing I am very sure about jogging is that it makes you slim (Not I jog, you slim. It is you jog, you slim). If you feel that you are not slim enough, start to jog today. I guarantee it is effective. If you are too lazy to wake up half an hour earlier to jog, I can provide morning call service for you free of charge, and if the morning call does not work, I can bring a ‘rotan’ (cane) to your house to wake you up and then proceed to jog with you. But the later service requires some charge. Let me know, if you need this service, I can give you a quotation :-)

See you next post :-)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day +139

I am fine today. Continue from yesterday…

Using services from the data recovery company is beyond my option now. Just like there is something like Alternative Medicine, I was thinking of ‘Alternative Data Recovery’; ‘natural’ approaches that does not disturbed the hard disk much. Firstly, I laid hand on the hard disk, praying and blessing it in front of my wife and children :-). Then I heated the hard disk under the sun for half an hour and then quickly brought the hot hard disk back, fixed it up and connected it to the computer, but it did not work. Someone told me to cool the hard disk inside the refrigerator, but I did not try it. The next thing I did was to connect the hard disk as an internal drive to my nephew desktop. It worked!

I was so happy to have the precious data back again. Finding something that was lost is definitely a rejoicing experience. One of the parables that Jesus told was called the Parable of the lost Son (Luke 15:11-32). It talked about a man who had two sons. The younger one demanded the father to give him his share of estate and then squandered his wealth in wild living. He was hungry and even longed to fill his stomach with the foods that pigs were eating. Finally he realized the goodness of his father and turn to his father again. The father was so happy to see the son coming home. He said, “Quick! Bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. Bring the fattened calf and kill it. Let’s have a feast and celebrate. For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.” When we repent from our sin and turn to God, there is rejoicing in heaven such as this :-)

Anyway, I later found out that the hard disk is still healthy but the external USB hard disk casing is faulty.

Have a nice day and see you next post :-)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Day +138

I am fine today.

My computer became unstable and slow a few days ago. It also reboots by itself once in a while. So I decided to reformat my hard disk and reinstall all the necessary software again on last Friday. I transferred all important data to an external USB hard drive first before reformatting the hard disk. The freshly installed Windows XP Professional failed to activate through the internet even though it is a Genuine Windows (OEM license comes with notebook). It failed to be activated through the telephone as well. Finally I was forced to call Microsoft representative to give them a 54 digit installation ID and they gave me 42 digit confirmation ID to activate the Windows. What a relief! But wait.

The USB hard disk could not be detected! I tried my very best to wake it up by fixing the cables firmly, shaking and finally comforting it. It just stay quietly there (无动于衷):-( The hard disk still works well before I powered off the computer for hard disk reformatting. I regretted for not backing the data.

It looks like the hard disk was facing some electronic problem. If this is the case, the platters of the hard disk that is used to keep the data should still be in good condition. If we can transfer the platters to other hard disk, it is possible to recover the data. I described my hard disk problem to a local data recovery company called MDR. The cost is: Diagnosis = FOC, Recovery = RM600-RM700. I felt it is too expensive, so I called another company. Do you know what the cost is? Diagnosis = RM150, and data recovery 1GB = RM150. I have 120GB of data on the hard disk, so it would cost me RM18150 to recover data. This amount almost made me ‘terpelanting’ (fell flat on the floor).

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Day +137

I am fine today. I will conclude my salted fish story today.

You might think that I am finding excuses to eat salted fish (强词夺理、自欺欺人、自圆其说), but there is scientific report that certain type of mouse (SR/CR mouse or cancer-resistant mouse) developed immunity against cancer after being injected with cancer cells. The younger the mouse being injected with cancer cells, the better the chance it would develop immunity against cancer. Therefore, over-controlling our children on what foods they should take might not necessary be a good idea (I don't say we don't care what they eat at all), they might thus miss the chance to be naturally vaccinated. I study the report quite carefully in the ward during bone marrow transplant. The report can be found here. You just need to read the section "A Big Surprise: Cancer Resistance in These Mice is Dependent on Age".

If any of you managed to confirm the hypothesis that salted fish could act as a vaccine against cancer and get Nobel Prize of Physiology and Medicine later, don't forget to mention my name :-)

See you next post :-)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Day +136

I am fine today. I would like to continue the salted fish story.

Many people believe that salted foods cause cancer, and I believe too. However, we could not establish an equation such that "salted food = cancer". The other factors might counts. If the salted foods are prepared properly and we don't consume it too much, it might even be beneficial to us.

Firstly, we all agree that less people were diagnoed with cancer last time compared to nowadays. However, people at that time might ate more salted food than many of us today because at that time there was no regfrigerator and thus people had to use salt to preserve foods. I believe they prepared the salted food well, using fresh ingredient and salt only, and without adding in unhealhty chemicals. So the resulting preserved foods were 'healthy'.

Secondly, even though salted foods might cause cancer, but it did not cause much harm to people last time because they were 'vaccinated' against cancer by eating salted foods. The reason behind this is the same as OPV (Oral Polio Vaccination) that I mentioned yesterday. A small acount of well prepared salted fish like the one that I ate yesterday is equivalent to a dose of weakened polio virus. After consuming it, my immune system was trained to recognize the cancer causing agents, if any, in the salted food. So if I consume too much salted foods later, my body will be smart enough to recognize the cancer causing agents and thus neutralize it.

To be continued tomorrow.

See you next post :-)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Day +135

I am fine today.

My mother-in-law brought a lot of foods from Sarawak. Many of them are home made foods: salted fish, dried prawn, dried shrimp, prawn cracker, white peppers and fish floss. She also brought sea weeds, Mee Sua (长寿面) and many other things.

Before she went back to Sarawak, I told my wife that I miss salted fish very much. It had been about two years we did not eat salted fish, and now I don’t dare to eat salted fish purchased from the market because we don’t know whether they are fresh, how they are made, and what unhealthy ingredients had been used. Knowing this, my father-in-law made some salted fish for us using fresh mackerels. The only ingredients used were salt and fresh fishes. The fishes were properly covered while they were being dried under the sun to prevent flies from laying eggs on it. So we can say that the resulting salted mackerels are ‘healthy’ unhealthy food.

I ate a small piece (2cm x 1cm) of salted fish this afternoon. It was so delicious :-)

To be continued tomorrow and see you next post :-)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Day +134

I am fine today. I received a good news from my third sister (my stem cell donor) that his youngest son Raymond achieved 7A for his UPSR (Primary School Achievement Exam). I hope this achievement can be passed through her stem cell through my body to all my children :-)

My wife and I brought our baby Aaron for vaccination this morning. There are six types of diseases he was vaccinated against: DPT, HIB (Haemophilus Influenzae Type B), OPV (Oral Polio Vaccination) and Hepatitis B.

Just like we have those convenient 3-in-1 packages for various types of drink such as Milo and coffee, DPT consists of a mixture of three vaccines: Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus. All six vaccines are administered through two injections and one oral drop. The nurse told me that these vaccines cost more than RM200 in private clinic, but the hospital gives it free to everyone. "Untunglah saya!” (I gain) :-)

The OPV vaccine consists of live but weakened polio virus. In fact before the use of live virus, killed or inactivated virus was used. The live-virus version gain popularity later because of one very interesting effect: it can 'infect' other, non-vaccinated individuals with whom the vaccinated person has close contact and transfer some immunity to them.

This is really a fantastic idea because those who are close to the baby will be 'rewarded' with secondary polio vaccination free of charge. Since there are many members in my family, I 'untung' (gain) a lot :-)

However, because my immune system is weakened intentionally by the GVHD prevention drug called Ciclosporin, this free secondary vaccination becomes dangerous to me. In other words, the live-virus released from the baby through body secretion might cause me polio (real one, no joke!):-( Therefore, I have to 'ban' myself from holding him or take care of him for 6 weeks.

Fortunately, my mother-in-law came back from Sarawak today. She would be able to help my wife to take care of the baby. No special arrangement had been made for her to return today. What a coincidence? Thank God for this.

See you next post :-)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Day +133

I am fine today. Nobody comes to my house today to seek explanation on the differences between the GVHD and rejection. I am forced to conclude that this approach of earning delicious food does not work at all :-(

But this also means that all of you are very clever because you are able to understand the differences clearly. On the other hand, I am also very clever because I managed to explain such a “difficult topic” in such a “crystal clear” manner that everybody could understand it.

Even though I miss all anticipated delicious foods, I am still very happy because I just realize that “you are clever, I am clever and everybody is clever!’. Since cleverness is better than delicious foods, I am now happier than yesterday :-)

This is an example of positive thinking, and I sincerely wish you happy everyday :-)

“A cheerful heart is a good medicine…” Proverb 17:22
「 喜 樂 的 心 乃 是 良 藥 ... ... 。 」 (箴十七22)

See you next post :-)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day +132

I am fine today. I would like to explain the differences between the Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD) and rejection.

The new immune system that is established by “borrowing” my sister stem cell is called graft. If this graft discovers that my body’s (host’s) organs are not the same as my sister’s, it will launch an attack on the organs (喧宾夺主) resulting in GVHD. On the other hand, rejection happens on patients who undergo organ transplant. When the host (organ recipient) immune system discovers that the transplanted organ is not belonged to it, it will launch an attack on the new organ in an attempt to get rid of it, resulting in rejection.

In other words, GVHD is like you invited a new guy into your house as new owner (graft) and he tried to kick off somebody (host organs) from the house, while rejection is like you bring in somebody into the house and the owner of the house don’t like him and wanted to kick him off.

See the differences? If you still cannot see the differences. Just read the FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) below.

1. Who is the bad guy? (A useful and good "bad guy")
GVHD: New immune system borrowed from someone. (different owner)
Rejection: Own immune system. (owner still the same)
2. What the bad guy attacks?
GVHD: Possibly more than one organ such as liver, kidney and skin.
Rejection: Only the transplanted organ.
3. Who might experience this?
GVHD: Allogeneic bone marrow or stem cell transplant patients.
Rejection: Organ transplant patients.

Now you understand the differences? If you still don’t understand, I can only say, “Alamak! How am I going to explain?”(天啊!如何解释?). Never mind-lah, just treat everything as rejection-lah; else you can come to my house bringing something delicious and I guarantee that I will make you understand the differences.

I told my wife I am so happy with this post because now I imagine a lot of people bringing delicious foods to me tomorrow :-)

See you next pots :-)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Day +131

My Blood Count Today:
Red Blood Count (RBC) = 116(Normal 130-180)
Platelet = 102(Normal 150-450)
White Blood Count (WBC) = 3.5(Normal 4 - 11)
Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) = 1.925 (Normal 1.5 - 8.0)
Potassium = 4.8(Normal 3.5 - 5.2)

I am fine today. I went to UH to do follow-up this morning. The white blood count and ANC dropped while the rest of the counts improved. Anyway, the ANC is still within normal range.

Two weeks ago (my blog Day +117), I mentioned that eating Pizza might help to improve my white blood count; a very good increase from 2.8 to 4.2. It looked like this assumption was quite accurate because I did not eat Pizza for the past two weeks, therefore my white blood count dropped from 4.2 to 3.5 this time. After we had the Pizza two weeks ago, I “ban” my family from eating Pizza for two months, but now I think I should uplift the “ban” earlier. A wonderful news for everyone in the family, isn’t it? :-)

On my way back from the hospital this afternoon, my wife phoned me saying that we are running out of rice. Since I was diagnosed with this disease, my family practices “One Country, Two Systems”(一国两制) policy, just like the relationship between China and Hong Kong. I eat brown rice, and the rest of my family members eat normal rice. My wife did not tell me which type of rice to buy, so I assumed that it must be normal rice. I purchased one pack of normal rice home, and the maid treated this pack of normal rice as brown rice and cooked it separately from the normal rice. In the end, she cooked the same normal rice separately, one for me and the other for the rest of my family. This is the powerful result of assumption; I assumed that my wife meant normal rice, and my wife assumed that I knew which rice she meant. The saying “husband and wife are one minded” (心有灵犀一点通) might not work every time (有时一点也不通) :-(

See you next post :-)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Day +130

I am fine today. I went to church this morning.

Today, I would like to explain to you what made me so determined to go for the risky bone marrow transplant.

On my blog Day +66, I mentioned that my first cytogenetic analysis indicates that my blood’s chromosome was abnormal. The abnormality is called 3q deletion whereby one of the pair no. 3 of the chromosome was shortened. Unfortunately, this type of abnormality categorized me under bad risk group.

After I was discharged from the hospital, I studied carefully a report by Tulio E. Rodriquez, MD and Patric J. Stiff, MD, Current treatment results of allogeneic bone marrow transplantation for acute myeloid and lymphoid leukemia. Curr Hematol Rep. 2003 Jul;2(4):295-301. The report gave me quite a good understanding on the prognosis (long-term survival rate or percentage of 5 years disease free) of my disease.

The report said that the long-term survival rate (5 years disease free) of a high risk AML patient is 15% only. An allogeneic stem cell transplant might increase the survival rate to 40% to 60%. However, doctor also told me that the mortality rate of transplant is about 15% to 20% during transplant and 5% after transplant. So the overall mortality rate due to transplant is about 20% to 25% which make the transplant a risky procedure. Nevertheless, the significant improvement in prognosis makes the procedure worth to try.

The report also mentioned that low risk group has a 50% survival rate with chemotherapy treatment along and stem cell transplant does not bring further improvement. Thus, transplant is only recommended after a relapse for low risk group.

With these statistics in mind, I determined to go for transplant.

See you next post :-)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Day +129

I am fine today. Continue my fourth chemo story…

I developed fever again on 21 April 2006(Day 18), one day after the birth of baby Aaron. This was the first time I had fever twice during chemotherapy. Even during the Bone Marrow Transplant later, I experienced one occasion of fever only. May be this is because I was too happy to have another child. Anyway the fever subsided two days later.

On 26 April 2006 (Day 23), my white blood count climbed to 1.2. Doctor discharged me from hematology ward. I was so happy to be able to visit my wife and the baby in the maternity ward. They were also “released” from the maternity ward three days later.

I stayed in the hospital for 23 days and 22 nights for this round of chemotherapy. In fact after I was diagnosed with AML, I stayed in the hospital more often than at home :-(

See you next post :-)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Day +128

I am fine today. Continue my fourth chemo story…

My wife visited me almost everyday, bringing lunch for me and accompanied me until evening. Then my brother, nephew or sister sent dinner to me.

One the 20 April 2006 (Day 17), my wife delivered our baby boy Aaron in the maternity ward, UH. The maternity ward is very near to the ward that I was staying at that time. I could see the maternity block through the windows but was not allowed to visit my wife. This was because my white blood count at that time was only 0.4. I felt quite upset because I could not accompany my wife. What I could do was just to pray for the smooth delivery of baby and also God’s protection upon both the baby and the mother.

At about 4:00pm that day, a nurse came to tell me that the maternity ward informed her that my wife already delivered the baby. But there was no information on the condition of the baby and the mother. My wife called later in the evening to inform me that she and the baby did very well :-)

Like our elder two boys, Aaron is a G6PD deficiency boy. Since baby with G6PD deficiency could catch jaundice very easily, the doctor “detained” him and the mother for one week in the hospital for observation. Therefore, at that time, 50% of the populations (three of us) of my family were in the hospital :-(

See you next post :-)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day +127

I am fine today. Continue my fourth chemo story…

My third brother came from Bintulu, Sarawak on 14 April 2006 (Day 11). Based on our earlier experience, I would get fever around Day 14, therefore my family members requested him to come around Day 14 so that he could take care of me during fever. But he came a little bit earlier. As usual, he brought quite a lot fishes for me.

I had fever on 15 April 2006 (Day 12) this time. During last chemotherapy, my eldest sister came on the day I was having fever, and this time my third brother came one day before I had fever. I thank God that they came at the time when I most need them :-)

The fever lasted two days. On Day 16, I experienced mild pain on my left chest. The doctor did a ECG test for me and found out that my heart was well.

See you next post :-)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Day +126

I am fine today.

I am very happy to receive an email from American guitarist Tony Morris, who is regularly invited to perform at White House in Washington, D.C. He hosted a weekly Classical Guitar Alive! radio program that is broadcasted over 200 radio stations across US. On March this year, I realized that the weekly program was made available for download on the Guitar Alive web site. Since then, I downloaded and keep all the programs. If you want to listen to the program, you can click here to download them. If you need the earlier programs which are no longer available for download on the web site, I am more than willing to share them with you :-)

I wrote to Tony yesterday telling him that I am from Malaysia and like to listen to his program. The message that I received from him is as follow.

Hello David,

Wow! Thanks for your kind note! I am very happy to hear that you are listening to Classical Guitar Alive! in Malaysia. Coincidentally, this week's program features an interview with a very fine Malaysian guitarist, Philip Hii. He is also a good friend of mine, and a wonderful virtuoso.

Thanks again for writing, and best wishes to you, your family, and friends,


Classical Guitar Alive!

I replied to Tony that Philip Hii is a FooChow that comes from my home town Sibu (My exact home town is Bintangor, but it is too small to be known by many people, so sometime I also say that I comes from Sibu, Sarawak; a town which is about half an hour drive from my house). Philips develops his career in US and becomes a “very fine Malaysian guitarist and wonderful virtuoso” as what Tony said. As a classical guitar enthusiast, a FooChow, Sibu-ian, Sarawakian and Malaysian, I am really proud of him :-)

See you next post :-)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day +125

I am fine today. Continue my fourth chemo story…

The first few days of the chemotherapy made me very tired. I also experienced water retention because I drank a lot of water and received quite an amount of normal saline infusion. Apart from this, I also experienced a slight fever on Day 3 of the chemotherapy.

After completing all the chemotherapy drugs on Day 5, I had an option to go home for a few days, but I chose to stay back.

I requested the nurse to move me to a single room on Day 8 of the chemotherapy because my white blood count was very low at that time. Fortunately, some empty rooms were available and the nurse was kind enough to approve my request. It was very good to stay in a single room because I did not have to share the toilet with other patients. Furthermore, I could practice my guitar in the room.

See you next post :-)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Day +124

I am fine today. My fourth chemo story…

After I was discharged from my 3rd chemotherapy on 13 March 2006, I was given three weeks break. During this period, the doctor did a bone marrow aspiration (BMA) to determine the percentage of blasts (cancer cell) in the bone marrow. The test confirmed that I was in complete remission (< 5% blast) with 1% of blast cells.

On 3 April 2006, I was admitted to the hematology ward to do the final round of chemotherapy. This round of chemotherapy was exactly the same as the 3rd round of chemotherapy. It was called consolidation cycle and the drug used were VP16 and Ara C over a duration of 4 days as mentioned in my blog day +110.

At that time, my wife was about 9 months pregnant with our fourth child Aaron. Our three elder children were all delivered in private hospital. But because I was sick this time, she decided to do pregnancy follow-up and delivery in UH. This would save us some cost as she entitled for medical benefit as a government servant. Furthermore, she felt that she was nearer to me and she could visit me more easily if she did the follow-up in UH.

We all wished that the baby would only “come out” after my chemotherapy, so that I could send my wife and accompany her to give birth to the baby. At the same time, we also asked my third sister and my nephew to standby. One day, my wife told my nephew that it looked like the baby was going to “come out” anytime. My nephew became very nervous. He went to sleep very early that day and set his alarm clock. I did not know what time he set the time to. May be every half an hour :-) Anyway, I believe he really prepared himself to rush my wife to maternity ward at anytime :-)

See you next post :-)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Day +123

I am fine. I went to church this morning. I just would like to share with you some photos today.

The moustache grew too long. I cannot be lazy anymore; else they will disturb my eating. So I shaved them.

Have you ever heard of "organic" helmet? It is so healthy compared to normal helmet. That is why Joseph and Daniel like to wear them so much :-)

Adriel would like to protect herself from haze.

Aaron said he dared to play with Python.

See you next post :-)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Day +122

I am fine today. Let me continue the story about story books.

When I was studying in primary five, someone lent me three of the Four Great Classical Novels (四大名著): Water Margin (水浒传), Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三国演义) and Journey to the West(西游记). Another one called Dream of the Red Chamber(红楼梦) was too difficult for me to understand, so I did not read it. I was addicted in reading these novels. I remembered I always started reading the novel inside my house until it was too dark for me to see the words in the evening. Then I moved out from the house and continued reading it at the staircase outside because it was brighter there. After I could not see the words outside the house, I turned back to light up the kerosene lamp and continue reading. These books kept me busy for quite some time, so that I did not have to beg my cousin for story books.

At that time, I did not know how to use a Chinese dictionary to check the pronunciation of words. We were using Traditional Chinese ZhuYin(Bopomofo) phonetic system instead of HanYu PinYin as we use today. Unfortunately, the teacher did not teach the ZhuYin in school, so even though I managed to find the word in the dictionary, I would not know how to pronounce it. In the end, I just guess the pronunciation (有边读边,没边读中间). This is why my Chinese pronunciation is still so lousy today (一塌糊涂) :-(

Anyway, it is not fair to compare my situation with what my children have today. And there is no point for me to explain to them the difficulty that I experienced in getting story books to read and how much interest I had in reading when I was young. Nowadays, they enjoyed all sort of entertainments such as television and computer games, which are definitely more interesting than reading. Who knows if I was also given these attractive entertainments, I was still interested in reading?

See you next post :-)