Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day +1729 : Breakfast at Kundang New Village

I am fine today.

We visited Kundang New Village again this morning for breakfast. This time we had stuffed bean curd, costing RM0.90 each. The taste was ordinary; not too good and not too bad.

I had mild diarrhea in the evening and I believe the culprit is the food from this stall. However, this won't prevent me from visiting the stall again in future. If the diarrhea is "repeatable", then I will be sure that the food here is not hygiene, and from there onward, I will only stop visiting the stall.

The stall


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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day +1728 : Kundang New Village - restaurant and night market

I am fine today.

We decided to stay in the seminary on Tuesday and Wednesday night this week, and as usual, we went to look for delicacies in the evening. We ended up at Restorant Ng Kim Yap (金业海鲜饭店) in Kundang New Village this time.

The food here is cheaper than Kuala Lumpur and the dishes were delicious :-)

The restaurant

This drink is lime with plum(桔子酸梅) but it is totally different than what I had expected; it should be green in colour :-(
Spare rib with pepper sauce - a wonderful dish :-) RM15
Brinjal with fish paste - quick nice too; RM16
After the dinner, went to this night market to look for bread for breakfast next day, but found none :-( This night market is located somewhere near Kundang New Village

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day +1727 : A wonderful saxophone night

I am fine today.

The saxophone performance at our church last night attracted more than 100 children and adult with 20% new friends. The performance, Xiao Dong Shan (晓东山), is really a good performer. No wonder he was given a title "Kenny G of Taiwan".

Apart from listening to saxophone performance, Xiao Dong Shan also shared with us his encounter with Jesus and how the encounter changed his life. The sharing was no less amazing than his saxophone performance.

This was the first time ever in my life listening to a life saxophone performance by a performer other than Daniel :-) I hope the performance last night motivated Daniel to practise hard so that he could perform everywhere to glorify God's name.

Dinner with Rev. Xiao Dong Shan (He is also a pastor)

Performance and sharing

Photo with Rev. Lau & Mrs. Rev. Lau
With David and Daniel
And now, with my family
A very short master class for Daniel :-)
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Day +1726 : Launching of Church pastoral care system

I am fine today.

Our church decided last year to establish a pastoral care system based on mentoring relationship. We kicked off the system this evening with our senior pastor Rev. Lau and Mrs. Rev. Lau as our mentor; mentoring eight church committee members and pastors. This is an experimental run. If we find out that this system works well, we will expand the scope to include next level of church members - those who are in charge of certain ministry in the church.

Rev. Lau cooked for us a very nice dinner :-)

A beautiful fruit taste a little bit like mango
Dishes by Rev. Lau

Core members of the church - pastors and church committee members
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