Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day +2186 : Dinner with STM team from Hebron Church, HK

I am fine today.

My wife and I had a steamboat dinner with the members of short-term missionary team from Hebron Church , Hong Kong at Lao Ma Zi Steamboat(老妈子火锅) at Bandar Puteri. The missionary team arrived here on Thursday and will be going back to Hong Kong next Monday.

The restaurant serves hot and spicy steamboat. However, those who cannot take spicy food can choose winter melon soup base. It was the first time ever I had winter melon as a steamboat soup base. If you are looking for healthy steamboat, winter melon soup base is the answer :-)

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Day +2185 : D28

I am fine today.

I ordered more than 15kg of D28 durian from a durian stall owner who used to sell durian at Sg. Buloh night market. I brought a group of classmates for a durian feast at his stall last year. He is no longer selling durian at Sg. Buloh night market anymore. However, he is willing to send the durian to any place I request. Since he is now selling durian in Selayang, I asked him to meet me at Sg. Buloh this afternoon when I am on the way back to Puchong from the seminary.

The durian cost RM7 per kg and I spent RM110 all together. Although D28 is not as good as D24, it has its own flavour which deserves a try :-) The durian is mainly for my children and also the members of a short-term missionary team from Hong Kong.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day +2184 : Buy 1 free 1

I am fine today.

RHB  is running a promotion for its Credit and Debit Cards holders from 1 June to 31 December 2012. The promotion comes with the following Terms and conditions:
  • This promotion is applicable to all RHB Bank Credit and Debit Cardmembers or Easy by RHB Debit Cardmembers.
  • Payment must be made with RHB Bank Credit and Debit Cards or Easy by RHB Debit Cards only.
  • Participating partners are Sushi King, Starbucks Coffee, Popular Bookstore and Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC).
  • Promotion period is from 1 June to 31 December 2012.
  • Each Cardmember can only redeem one (1) free item* per receipt, per day, regardless of the total amount purchased.
    • Sushi King – Buy 1 Hand Roll Free 1 Californian Hand Roll
    • Starbucks Coffee – Buy 1 Coffee Free 1 Coffee (of similar or lower value)
    • Popular Bookstore – Buy 1 RM20 Cash Voucher Free 1 RM10 Cash Voucher
    • Golden Screen Cinemas – Buy 1 Ticket Free 1 Ticket (applicable for normal class tickets only)
The promotion is only valid on every Friday. I purchased a RM20 Popular Bookstore Cash Voucher and get 1 RM10 Cash Voucher for free :-) I think I should do this every Friday, and perhaps bring my wife to enjoy a cup of Starbucks Coffee where I can get buy 1 free 1 under the same promotion :-) 

Popular Bookstore Cash Vouchers
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day +2183 : Durian feast

I am fine today.

I organized a durian feast for second year students this evening. When I was sourcing durian for the event last week, my classmate introduced to me a brother from her church who is an expert in selecting good durian. Through him, I ordered 20kg of durians, mostly D24, with a cost of RM7 per kg.

We found a Malay stall at the roadside near Kundang junction that allowed us to host the event there. Having durian at the stall is a lot more comfortable that having it at the durian stall. This is because the Malaysia stall is equipped with tables and chairs which we can use freely.

The brother who helped us not only purchased the durians for us, he also delivered them to the stall, and then opened them for us. And the quality of the durians was good, proving that he is a real expert :-)

Take a photo with the church members who help us with the purchase of durians

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day +2182 : Lunch with Aaron

I am fine today.

I fetched Aaron back from the kindergarten at noontime almost everyday during my holiday. Normally, he needs to stay in the kindergarten until at least 6pm except Monday and Tuesday where I and Nga Ming will fetch him earlier respectively.

About two weeks ago, I stopped at IOI mall to purchase HomePlug on the way back from the kindergarten. I brought Aaron to Wong Kok at IOI mall for lunch. Initially, he wanted to have a drink only but when he saw the attractive menu, he said he want to eat as well. He asked me to choose a dish for him. I choose a type of fried noodles for him, and he managed to finish it though he already had lunch in the kindergarten.

The set meals for lunch come with soup, fruit and drink cost around RM9.90 to RM12.90, depending on which one we choose. It is worth the money :-)

This is the first time ever I have lunch with Aaron alone :-)

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Day +2181 : The starting of fourth semester

I am fine today.

The holiday ended yesterday. The new semester begins today. All students are required to come back to attend the semester opening service this morning.

As in the previous semester, I will stay in the seminary from Tuesday to Friday. My wife and children wish that I can stay at home all the time, and I don't feel good to leave them as well :-( However, my wife understands that staying in the seminary is the best arrangement for me. This is the price that she has to pay due to my study, especially in a time where we no longer have a maid. Therefore, I see her a great wife :-)

I take 7 subjects that carry 17 credit this semester. This will be another tough semester for me but I believe with the grace of God, I will be able to complete it smoothly.

I took the last dose of antibiotics this evening. The cough and itchiness in the left lung were done :-)

The semester opening service

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day +2180 : 13th sermon after bone marrow transplant

I am fine today.

Ι preached a sermon in our church at Setia Alam this morning. It was the same sermon that I preached the previous two weeks - "Becoming  children of God"(成为天父的儿女). One sermon preached three times :-)

The children requested to have burgers as lunch, and as a father, I found no reason to turn them down. In the sermon I advised the parents have to be kind to their children - listen to them and obey their commands, and now I have to do what I preached :-) In fact, my wife and I are doing this most of the time.

We ended up having lunch at McDonald. Daniel, Joseph and I ordered Big Mac and the rest were having Filet-o-Fish where each came with drink and fries. Aaron said that he would like to have two Filt-o-Fish, and when he saw that I ordered one for him only, he asked "Where is the other one?" I told him that it is perfectly alright for him to have two Filet-o-Fishes but I will only order another one after he finished the first one. He agreed gladly. He was the first to finish the burger, and he didn't requested for the second one. I believe he was full.

The Big Mac meal was too big for me. I was almost full after completing the fries and I had to force myself to finish the burger :-( I will order Filet-o-Fish which is smaller and cheaper next visit.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day +2179 : It is a no-show

I am fine today.

My maid is supposed to return from holiday today. The flight from Bali was scheduled to land on 8:00pm. My wife, Aaron and I went to LCCT to fetch him. 

We waited at the arrival hall for about one hour and didn't see any sign of her coming. I approached AirAsia ticketing counter to check if she boarded the flight in Bali, and the status is no-show. 

She left quite an amount of salary with me, so we didn't expect she would decide not to come. She must changed her mind during the holiday. I don't mind if she decided not to continue working with me but she should at least inform me that she is not coming so that I don't have to take the trouble to go and wait in the airport.

My last maid changed her mind after she went back for holiday but she was better as she did called and inform me she was not coming.

My wife and I decided not to employ a maid anymore. We believe with some arrangements like engaging hourly house cleaner and catering meals, we will be able to handle the situation :-)

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Day +2178 : Dinner with Ps. Tan (郑仁法牧师)

I am fine today.

Ps. Tan who is a Methodist Pastor in Sibu visited us with his family. He stayed Richard's house. Richard treated them a dinner at Yuen Steamboat Buffet Restaurant in Sunday Mentari.

We know Ps. Tan very well as he was one of the pastors who pastored us when we were young. He can sing very well and we learn singing from him :-)

I blogged about him on  Day +1899 : A visit from Pastor Tan (郑仁法牧师).

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