Friday, July 31, 2009

Day +1122 : Renewing motor insurance online

I am fine today.

It is time to renew my Perodua Viva road tax. Before we renew road tax, we have to buy the insurance first. The previous insurance company, AXA, sent me a notice of renewal but still with a insured value of RM32,000. This is the value of a new car! I decided not to renew with this company.

I searched online and came to Based on the website, the market value of the car is RM27,000 only; about 15% depreciation for the first year, which is reasonable. With the help of an online premium calculator, I have to pay RM685.90 instead of RM783.40 as proposed by AXA.

One advantage to do it online is that we enjoy 5% rebate on the total payable premium and this bring down the total amount payable to RM652.11 only. Compared to AXA, a saving of RM131.29 was realized :-)

The online insurance company didn’t provide a direct online electronic payment. However, one can choose to pay by credit card through an authorization form, or just bank in to the Maybank account belonged to the website owner.

One thing you might need to know is that all the motor insurance from this website is associated to Allianz. And it just happened that my third brother recommended this company to this. I am very happy when I found out from the website owner that he is associated to Allianz :-)

The support of the website is good too. We can call them anytime should we need help in renewing insurance through the website, even 10:00pm :-)

After purchasing the insurance, I proceed to renew the road tax through It took me less than 5 minutes to finish the renewing process :-)

I higly recommend you to use the above services for your motor insurance and road tax renewal. It is convenient and at the same time, help to save some money too :-)

If you are not sure how to do it, I can help, free of charge of course :-)

See you next post :-)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day +1121 : Back to Kampong

I am fine today.

I boarded AirAsia 6:55am flight to Sibu this morning. My third sister - my bone marrow donor – took a day off to fetch me from Sibu airport. I will spend the a few nights in the kampong where my mother is staying.

I booked this flight 16 November last year and it is a zero fare ticket. The total surcharge of the strip amounted to RM65 only. At that time, the airline still charging administration and fuel surcharge. Without these charges, one needs to pay RM15 only.

The purpose of this trip is to visit my mother, and brothers and sisters who stay in Sibu and Bintangor.

My brother, Richard, went to Kuching for a business trip almost at the same time. We shared the same taxi to LCCT this morning. He will be coming to kampong Saturday, and we will return to KL on Monday night together.

It is by God grace that I am able to visit my family members again :-)

See you next post :-)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day +1120 : Dinner with Chong Siang

I am fine today.

Chong Siang is my sister-in-law’s (my wife’s sister) eldest son. He is doing University Foundation Programme (UFP) in AIMST University, Sungai Petani. After the UFP, he will be pursuing a course in medicine in the same institute.

I wrote about him on the following blog entries:

Day +982 : Congratulation!

Day +1014 : A big fish from Miri :-)

He came to my house last Friday to spend his two weeks semester break. We have the pleasure to have dinner together at Restoran Bak Ku Teh Klang Yip Weng - 吧生叶詠(干)肉骨茶,at Bandar Puteri Puchong tonight.

Pastor Lau introduced this restaurant to me a few months ago, and since then I visited this restaurant quite frequently. The last visit to this restaurant was blogged on Day +1093 : Dangerous is not the swine, but delicious it is.

Joining us for dinner tonight are two of my nephews, Soon Hui and Min Hui.

A group photo before dinner. Chong Siang is on the right of Daniel
And the food of the night

See you next post :-)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day +1119 : We changed our mind

I am fine today.

Daniel is going to study Form 1 next year. Someone recommended me to register him in Wesley Methodist School at Sentul. It is a private school with very low school fee compared to other private schools. Though we don’t know where the school is, we decided to let study Daniel there.

I enquired about the entry requirement a few months ago through email. I was informed that the entry is provisional, requiring each applicant to sit for an Entrance Examination on Saturday 08 August 2009. The registration will be closed on 31 July.

The registration requirement is a photocopied birth certificate, two passport sized photographs and a nonrefundable RM150.

I found out how to go to the school last night. With all the necessary documents and money, I drove to Bukit Jalil and then took the LRT to Sentul Station this afternoon. It took the train 30 minutes to arrive at Sentual Station from Bukit Jalil and and we need to bear in mind that this is during non peak hour. It would definitely take more time during peak hour.

Together with the travelling time from my house to Bukit Jalil, one way journey to the school would take at least one hour :-(

Due to the long journey, I have no desire to register for him anymore after arriving at the school. Anyway, I still went into the school to have a look at the condition of the school. I found out that though the buildings were old, the atmosphere of the school was good. The students were disciplined and polite. Many of them greeted me politely though I was a stranger :-)
I believe it is a good school, but it is really too far for us, making it quite impractical to study there.

Now we decided to apply him a position at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Puchong Jaya situated at Jalan Tempua 5; located just opposite my brother, Richard’s house. This is the nearest school from my house; about 3 minutes drive. Daniel said that he can cycle to that school :-)

We are very happy that we have made a good decision today :-)

The train route from Bukit Jalil to Sentul - almost end to end of the Sri Petaling route.
The school

See you next post :-)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day +1118 : Appetite, my health indicator

I am fine today.

I didn’t have much appetite for the past two weeks; I didn’t feel like eating most of the time, and the sole purpose of eating was to fill my stomach. With this, eating is no longer an enjoying task.

For a person that always craving for food like me, the appetite becomes a very good indicator to determine how healthy I am.

Before I had flu, I always had the temptation to have nasi lemak, roti canai or fried noodles in the morning, even after a big bowl of plain oat meal as breakfast. Sometimes I packed nasi lemak and enjoyed it in the office, and sometimes I went to have teh tarik and roti canai at a Mamak store near to my office. But after I contracted the flu two weeks ago, I no longer had any appetite to have all these foods.

I am very glad that my appetite is recovering now. This means that I am healthier now :-)

To many people, good appetite is a bad thing because it causes overweight. But to me, it is a great blessing because I need gain weight :-)

See you next post :-)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day +1117 : Getting better

I am fine today.

I completed the antibiotics, Augmentin yesterday. I feel a lot better today. The cough and the phlegm are very much reduced.

There is not so much irritation now on the left lung like before. This means that I could rest better. Before this, it was so difficult for me to get to sleep because the irritation on the left lung intensified once I lay down, and this resulted in nonstop coughing.

I really wished that I could sleep in standing position when I was attacked by heavy cough. But unfortunately, I couldn’t, and I must admit that the chickens are better than me in this aspect :-)

I am losing weight and getting thinner. I have to eat very hard from now on. To many of us, this is a blessing, isn’t it?

For the first time, I am able to do some serious work since I was attacked by flu two weeks ago. I praise God for this :-)

See you next post :-)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day +1116 : An argument without ground

I am fine today.

Our Prime Minister was smart to let AG to explain why the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) should not investigate the cause of Beng Hock’s death. I believe he himself also felt that the argument that would be given doesn’t carry any much weight. Therefore, in order to avoid embarrassment, he let AG to justify to the public based on section 2 of the Commissions of Enquiry Act 1950.

I am of the same opinion as Kim Quek and many others than the AG argument is very misleading.

Kim Quek wrote on MalaysiaKini:

...the AG's statement sounded even more hollow. His statement is a blatant attempt to mislead by deliberate omission of the relevant section of the law.

Citing section 2 of the Commissions of Enquiry Act 1950, Gani said it made clear reference to the inquiry into the conduct and management of the government officers and departments for the “public welfare”.

He said the public welfare matters relate to the well-being of society and “cannot be overstretched to cover an inquiry into the death of this nature.”

In this statement, Gani made two assertions. First, the Act covers only government departments and officers. Second, his definition of “public welfare” excludes an inquisition of death.

On Gani's first point. Under the same section quoted by Gani – section 2 of the Act – it is expressly stated under item (d) that the commission is empowered to inquire into “any other matter in which an inquiry would, in the opinion of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, be for the public welfare...”.

So, Gani's assertion is directly contradicted by item (d). He is therefore guilty of a deliberate attempt to mislead the nation as he cannot possibly be ignorant of this elementary and fundamental provision of the Act, being the highest legal adviser to the government.

Probing a death not 'public welfare'?

On the second point. Gani's narrow interpretation of the phrase “for the public welfare” is laughable.

When the nation has been so incensed by the heinous injustice of this tragedy that it is almost at the point of revolt, appointing an RCI to probe into this death is not only legally and politically appropriate but the very minimum the government must do if it still wants to retain a remote semblance of rule of law in this country.

And yet, our AG is telling us that making such a move is incompatible with “public welfare.” Then what will constitute “public welfare”? Waiting for violence to erupt in the streets – knowing fully well that public confidence in the existing law enforcement bodies, including the courts, is already non-existent?

Even when an RCI is commissioned to probe into the death, there is no assurance of justice done, judging from the government's habit of ignoring recommendations of RCIs in recent times; but at least it will calm the highly-strung nerves of the nation by showing that the government is finally taking steps in the right direction.

And I can't imagine any decent person will dispute by saying that taking such a course does not fulfil national interests as implied by Gani's narrow interpretation.

Much has been written and expressed by respectable legal minds, political parties and civil society leaders that the present set up of an RCI-cum-inquest to divide the task of resolving the present crisis is legally and technically untenable and morally unacceptable, and I will not elaborate further in this direction.

Suffice to say that Najib must decide, and decide now, which course he wants to take.

To salvage the image of the nation and redeem himself from a scandal-ridden past by appointing an honourably-constituted RCI with proper terms of reference to take on the crisis, or relegate the task to a magistrate hamstrung by prosecutors and police, all of whom are deeply mistrusted by the public.

Any sound mind person will find out the argument that was given is of no ground at all.

See you next post :-)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day +1115 : What a response!

I am fine today.

Our PM insisted that he is adhering to laws to set up an inquest to investigate the circumstances surrounding Beng Hock’s death. I find his response disgusting and sickening.
"We must adhere to the laws of the country. Please don't take (political) advantage of this case. Our intention is to find out the truth," he told reporters in Bangi.

"We are interested in the truth. Whether in the form of royal commission or an inquest, we'll find the truth and the truth will be made public and that's the most important thing.
I have a few points to make regarding this:

  1. Najib should point out which law of this country prevents a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to probe into Teoh’s death. If there is such law, why both current and former Bar Council chairperson, Ragunath Kesavan and S Ambiga, said that RCI should investigate the death rather than the inquest?
  2. Given the pass records, nobody trusts that an inquest presided by a magistrate will reveal any truth. Even there is no question of integrity or corruption, which is most likely not the case, the limited power vested in the magistrate will render him helpless to find out any truth.
  3. There is no ground to warn opposition not to take political advantage of this case. The simplest reason is that this case is political motivated and therefore, should by all means remain political. And we shall not only take advantage but also to vote out any corrupted government through awareness generated from this tragedy.
See you next post :-)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day +1114 : A royal commission falls short of our expectation

I am fine today.

I am profoundly disappointed by the cabinet decision to limit the scope of the royal commission to look only into the MACC investigative procedures while leaving the circumstances that surround the mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock to an inquest led by a magistrate.

An inquest is a judicial inquiry into a matter usually held before a jury, especially an inquiry into the cause of a death. From this definition, we understand that the purpose of the inquest is to determine the cause of death only, but not who should be held responsible for the death.

Even the inquest is given mandate to determine who should be accountable of the death, nobody will believe that it will do a good job as past circumstances demonstrated that our judiciary is corrupted.

Avoiding accountability in this case will certainly lead us suspecting who was the mastermind of the episode that caused the death of Beng Hock.

If I were the mastermind, I will certainly try all means to avoid the accountability issue. I should say that those in power are cunning enough to satisfy people’s demand of setting up a royal commission and an inquest while avoiding the issue of accountability. This keeps everyone who does the wrong safe.

What a government!

Don't be fooled again.

See you next post :-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day +1113 : Stronger drug

I am fine today.

It is very difficult for me to sleep at night due to the attack of heavy cough. There is so much irritation in the left lung that causes me to cough almost nonstop.

I went to see Dr. Koh this morning, and this time he prescribed me stronger medicine.

  1. Augmentin (1g) – Antibiotic
  2. Fluimucil (600mg) – to break down mucus
  3. Beatafed Tablet – for flu
  4. Cough syrup

The total cost of this visit is RM100. I am very sleepy after taking the medicine and sleep most of the time throughout the day.

I hope that with these drugs, the cough will be gone and I will be able to work tomorrow.

See you next post :-)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day +1112 : Justice for Beng Hock

I am fine today.

I believe many of you, like me, are very angry and disappointed with how Beng Hock was treated by MACC. But we really can’t do much apart from waiting for the next general election.

However, there is at least a chance for you to do something now; by signing a petition online.

The petition demands the following:

We, the undersigned, hereby demand :-

(1) The establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry to independently and thoroughly investigate this tragic incident.

(2) The immediate resignation of the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) National Director.

(3) The unconditional apology by Minister in the Prime Minister Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz over his remarks on Beng Hock’s death.


(1) 成立皇家调查委员会,独立与彻底地调查明福的命案

(2) 反贪委员会全国主任马上引咎辞职

(3) 首相署部长纳兹里对其言论作出毫无保留的道歉

Kami, yang menandatangan di sini, dengan sebulat suara:-

(1) Menyeru penubuhan Suruhanjaya Diraja untuk menyiasat kematian Beng Hock secara bebas dan teliti.

(2) Menggesa Pengarah Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) meletakkan jawatan segera atas tragedi Beng Hock.

(3) Mendesak Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, Menteri dalam Jabatan Perdana Menteri meminta maaf atas kenyataan beliau terhadap kematian Beng Hock.

If you concur, please click on the link and sign it.

The petition would like to gather 10,000 signatures, and the latest number of signatures gathered totaled to 6965, and the number is growing steadily. I am number 4044. Please email and invite everyone to sign.

See you next post :-)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Day +1111 : Follow-up at BMT clinic

My Blood Count Today: - Readings in square bracket [] are result from previous test.
Red Blood Count (HB) = 151[150] (Normal 130-180)
Platelet = 256[188] (Normal 150-450)
White Blood Count (WBC) = 9.2[6.7] (Normal 4 - 11)
Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) = 4.876[2.613] (Normal 1.5 - 8.0)
ALT = 66[81] (Normal 30 – 65)
AST = 37[41] (Normal 15-37)
GGT = 68[60] (Normal 15-85)

I am fine today.

The blood count and liver function test results are normal. The white blood count is elevated to 9.2 most probably due to the flu.

The ECHO test done this afternoon showed that my heart is functioning well :-)

I still experience heavy cough and slight shortness of breath. However, the phlegm is very much reduced. I hope that this is a sign of recovery.

Doctor didn’t prescribe any medicine for the cough as he found out that my lung is clear. I will have a tough time to sleep again tonight due to the cough :-(

My next follow-up at BMT clinic is scheduled 5 weeks later.

See you next post :-)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day +1110 : Welcome Hamstera!

I am fine today.

Adriel went to play ground Friday evening. She met a kitten there. She liked it very much.

Adriel begged me to buy a kitten for her on Saturday which I declined. The reason for turning down her request is that we already have four children to take care, and with this, we really don’t have spare time and energy to take care a pet. She begged and cried for almost two hours, and in the end I gave in, and promised her a hamster instead of a kitten.

Both my wife and I believe that hamster is easier to handle than a kitten because we can confine it in a cage.

I brought Adriel to Puteri Mart to purchase a hamster after the church service today. I let her chose a hamster and a hamster house. On top of that, we also purchased the hamster food, the bath tub, bathing sand, and a exercise ball.

“What should we call the hamster?” asked Adriel on the way home.

“Adriel,” I answered.

“No, Hamstera!” she proposed.

So we called the hamster Hamstera.

The exercise ball. Putting the hamster inside the ball, she will be very busy rolling it. Very interesting!
The hamster house

The bath tub with bath sand. She will roll inside the bath tub to keep herself clean.
Hasmter food

The water supply ot the house. She will suck the pipe when she is hungry.
Happy Adriel and Aaron holding the hamster cage
See you nex post :-)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day +1109 : If pigs can talk

I am fine today.

I came across this very well written essay in Sin Chew Daily by Moshin Abdullah. I googled and get the English version as well. However, the Chinese version contains something which the English version had “censored”. If you don’t know where is the censored part, please take note of the last paragraph of the Chinese version.

I wish my children could produce an essay like this :-)

The Engish version:

Porky speaks good English. But he's a cartoon character. Stretch our imagination. From the world of animation to a real world where all animals can talk. Including pigs. And if pigs can talk what will they say?

This perhaps..

“It's hard being a pig. I mean all things negative people relate to us pigs. Lazy like a pig. Fat like a pig. Sweat like a pig. Dirty like a pig." After a while we get used to it. Somehow we tolerate that nonsense. At least I can.

But things are getting worst. We pigs are seen as the cause of a war of words in Kedah between PAS and DAP. The Kedah government, headed by the MB from PAS, tore down the abattoir. The DAP is angry and wants to pull out of the Pakatan government. So we pigs are blamed. But in a way it's good for us. Wth no slaughter house in Kedah our life span is somewhat extended. If only temporary. Now the price of our meat has shot up as they have to import pork from outside the state. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Still I hope things don't get out of hand. You see ,some say our wastes from the abattoir flow into the padi fields nearby. The padi farmers are Malays. We pigs don't want to be the cause of any racial conflict.

Remember Nipah E. in Bukit Pelandok. Many of us were culled. Then came the blame game and compensation issue. It nearly became a Chinese Malay thing. Thank God it didn't erupt. Still we pigs are being blamed unfaily. True our living quarters are dirty. But that can be ironed out. Look at where our brothers and sisters in Europe stay. They live in clean farms. The same can be done here. But that cost money. Big money. And both the authorities and the good folks rearing us do not want to spend that kind of money. Hence we're stuck in dirty environment. And you humans have the cheek to say dirty like a pig.

As if all that is not enough we now have a big guy, a minister at that, wanting to pin the blame on us for the influenza pandemic. Hello!!! Even the WHO calls the bug H1N1. It's a mixture of pig. bird and human viruses. But the minister want it called swine flu. Like we the only ones to blame The kampung folks find H1N1 a mouthful? Hello Datuk... that's not our problem. To takut takutkan people of the flu? Well the only people frighten of us pigs are Malays.

So we need only Malays to be wary of the influenza.What about the rest? Let them be bugged?

Oink, Oink, Oink… (By MOHSIN ABDULLAH/MySinchew)

The Chinese version:


2009-07-15 20:46










See you next post :-)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Day +1108 : Dinner with my eldest sister and brother-in-law

I am fine today.

We had dinner at Restoran 8 Road (新世界8路海鲜冷气饭店). The restaurant is situated not far from M1-Café.

The dishes here is quite good and the price is fair.

The restaurant
Curry wild boar
Sotong Baku
Claypot beancurd
Fried vegetable
Fried egg (芙蓉蛋)
Steam Tilapia
A group photo - my brother-in-law is not in
See you next post :-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day +1107 : Min Hie is here :-)

I am fine today.

Min Hie will be registering for her two years A-Level study at HELP University College, Damansara Campus tomorrow.

My sister and brother-in-law accompanied her to come over here this afternoon. Together with them was Min Hie’s best friend, Siew Xia, who also scored 12A in her SPM exam and denied JPA scholarship earlier. Like Min Hie, Siew Xia was offered JPA scholarship to do a Pharmacy course in the end.

Family photo - Soon Hui, Brother-in-law, eldest sister Sie Huong, Min Hie and Min Hui. Another one, Min Huang is studying in University Sabah Malaysia
Min Hie & Siew Xia
My sister brought a lot chickens from Kuching :-)
Butter milk bun - can't find it here
And fishes
Kuching's Kolo Mee
Our dinner
Adriel is enjoying the mee
Aaron is expecting some more drink?
No, not drink. Ice cube :-)
See you next post :-)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day +1106 : Days without a maid

I am fine today.

Life goes on as usual without the maid. My mother-in-law is in charge of cooking, my wife is in charge of cleaning, and the children especially Joseph helped my wife a lot. I wish I could help, but too weak to do much due to the flu attack. I am experiencing shortness of breath and tiredness most of the time.

In fact my wife is very capable :-) The only problem is that she was tied down too much by her school work. She taught 5 classes English subject, and as you know all the classes are fully packed with at least 40 over students, she has to work frenziedly to complete her daily work. Marking exercise books is taking up too much of her time. I believe she works at least 10 hours a day.

She is responsible and always wanted to do her work seriously. This slows down the marking process, and every often she even asked me to verify for her the correctness of certain English phrases through internet, just to make sure that she marks fairly.

I just wish that I would be able to gain enough strength very soon to be able to participate in the “family businesses”.

See you next post :-)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day +1105: A very sleepy day

I am fine today.

I coughed heavily last night and I decided to take cough syrup. After that, I am sleepy for the whole day. So I took another day off.

My maid is returning to NTT Kupang, Indonesia this morning. I fetched her to the maid agency at 9:00am. Her flight to Surabaya was 12:40pm and she will reach there 2:20pm. She needs to take another flight to NTT Kupang, but she won’t be able to make it on the same day. Therefore, she has to stay overnight in the Surabaya airport and fly to NTT Kupang tomorrow morning. After reaching Kupang, she needs to take a bus to reach home and this last stretch of journey will take half a day.

My new maid will be arriving in about 3 weeks time. My mother-in-law and my wife will be very busy before the new maid arrives.

See you next post :-)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Day +1104 : A millionaire she is now

I am fine today.

I am getting better and back to office today.

I managed to purchase the bank draft for the maid this afternoon. I planned to transfer money from my current account but Maybank officer told me that she could not initiate any transfer without the cheque book. So I was forced to withdraw RM6100 cash from two banks to purchase the bank draft.

The total amount as recorded on the bank draft is sixteen million six hundred twenty one thousand two hundred fifty three only (IDR16,621,253.00).

The bank draft (Click to get a larger view)
Apart from this I also exchanged RM823.40 for her for an amount of IDR 2,300,000 (2.3 million). She spent RM117 for a bag and other stuffs on Sunday. In the end, we paid her more than RM7000.

Even though she is lazy and like to steal, she did contribute to our family especially in taking care of the children and cleaning the house. We hope that she won’t steal again, and may God bless her.

See you next post :-)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day +1103 : Bedridden (2)

I am fine today. Continued from yesterday…

I intended to purchase the bank draft at Hong Leong Bank but I found out that it was closed. I noticed that Maybank was open, but I don’t have enough money in Maybank account for the RM6,000 bank draft. So I rushed home to transfer some money into my Maybank account, but when I reached Maybank again, I was told that the bank was not providing any bank draft service on Saturday. I had no choice but to purchase the bank draft on Monday. So the first task was partially completed.

By the time I left Maybank, I was very tired. However, I insisted to do the shopping as my wife was attending extracurricular activities in school. If I didn’t do it, then she has to it, but it is very difficult for her to find suitable time to do it.

I forced myself to finish the shopping, and by the time I reached home, I was too tired, and was bedridden for the rest of the day.

My eldest sister called me and after understanding my situation, instructed her son, Soon Hui, to come to my house to conduct a FooChow traditional massage for me. It was a painful one – almost amounted to pinching – but it was effective. I felt a lot better after the massage session :-)

Soon Hui was down with the same disease after massaging for me last time. I hope he is stronger this time, and will not be infected at all.

I skip the church service today. I still feel a little bit tired, and I don’t want to spread the “goodies” to the rest especially in a time where everybody is sensitive about flu due to A(H1N1).

Normally a flu will take a week to recover. I am now half way through. I will be well very soon :-)

See you next post :-)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day +1102 : Bedridden (1)

I am fine today.

I am not feeling well today due to flu; coughing, feeling extremely tired with sore body.

However, I have two tasks to complete; the first thing is to settle the payment of my maid as she is going back to Indonesia early next week and the second thing is to do weekly shopping in the market.

The maid salary is RM500 per month. Working for me for 24 months should earn an amount of RM12,000. But the first 6 months of salary were deducted to pay the maid agency in Indonesia as advanced salary when she arrived. This reduces her take home amount to RM9,000.

As mentioned earlier, she “borrowed” from us an amount of RM600 and RM950 to purchase two handphones. And in addition to this, she also “borrowed” an unknown amount to purchase prepaid cards and also to give to her friends. She didn’t know how much she “borrowed”, but we estimate an amount of RM450 for this category of expenses. This further reduces her take home amount of RM7,000.

Deducting an amount of RM450 is a very conservative estimation; we believe that the amount could be well over RM1000. My mother-in-law told us that she was always on the phone when both of us were not at home. However, we would not want to deduct too much from her; else she would have nothing much to take home after two years of hard works here.

After I complete the computation, I briefed her about the payment, including the deduction. She agreed. She said she would like to carry RM800 of cash which I will have to exchange it to Indonesia Rupiah. This amount is for her traveling expenses from Surabaya to her home. If I were not mistaken, she will have to take another flight and other means of transport to reach home.

She would like to spare another RM200 to purchase a bag and other things. I will have to purchase a bank draft for her for the remaining RM6,000.

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Day +1101: Down with flu

I am fine today.

I experienced coughing, flu, sore throat and tiredness since yesterday. In order to avoid spreading the flu to others in the office, I refrained myself from going to office; a form of self isolation.

The amount of phlegm, which is dark green in colour, is diminishing today, and I don’t experience sore throat anymore. However, I still went to see a doctor this morning.

The doctor gave me cough syrup and medicine for flu. Apart from this, he also reminded me to avoid public area, due to the threat of A(H1N1) flu.

I hope with a proper rest and the medicine, coupled with God's grace, I will recover from the flu (not AH1N1) very soon.

See you next post :-)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Day +1100 : What a switch!

I am fine today.

The language policy instituting the use of English in teaching Science and Mathematics was scrapped yesterday.

I support the switch for the primary education, but strongly against the switch for the secondary education. I see this as an over-switch that will only produce a generation with no competency.

What we have is a government that always mess thing up. This is not what I say; you can refer to a poll done by our former Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir, on his blog.

Up to now, a total of 21832 visitors voted, of which of only 22% support the government decision, and 78% against it.

Most probably after watching the Transformers 2, the government is endeavoring of creating transformers, using our children as their subject of experimentation :-(

I share with you the following interesting article that appeared on Sin Chew Daily:


2009-07-09 19:28















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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Day + 1099 : A meeting and a dinner

I am fine today.

I attended a meeting organized for the church members who are involved in the usher and security ministries tonight. We had a simple dinner before the meeting.

About 25 members, including pastors, turned up for the event.

Though the dinner was simple, I enjoyed it very much :-) But seeing a group of church members who are willing to serve in the Church is more satisfying than any food :-)

May God bless them!

Braised chicken - prepared by William's wife

Konnyaku Jelly (果冻) - prepared by Rev Lau
Herbal drink - by Mrs Yii
Fried chicken - my contribution
Curry chicken - Rev Lau contribution (he cook well)
Fried noodles - Mrs Yii
Fried Mee Hoon - my contribution
Everyone is hungry

Our security guards. Brave and strong are them :-)
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