Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day +1608 : Three reasons why you should not sleep in the car

I am fine today.

My nieces brought Aaron for shopping. They stopped him from getting out of the car upon returning home.

"You have to sleep in the car or give us three reasons why you shouldn't do this, we will then let you out," they tested him.

"Too small, too bright, too hot," he answered - simple, short and clean :-)

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Day +1607 : All is not well in the lung :-)

I am fine today.

I took an chest x-ray today as a requirement for a medical report for the registration of a seminary course.

The x-ray showed loculated effusion (积水) on the right lung possibly due to infection. No wonder I cough so much and feel so weak :-(

Dr. Koh said this might be a secondary infection but I think it should be of higher order - tertiary infection; the first one was treated with Erythromycin, and the second one with Augmentin and now a very strong antibiotic - Avelox - is needed :-( A course consisst of 5 tablets cost RM80.

Hopefully, the effusion and cough will be cleared after completing this course of antibiotic. I don't need a quaternary(4th order) infection :-)

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day +1606 : Dinner with my sister, nephews and nieces

I am fine today.

My eldest sister is here visiting us and her children. My wife and I had a dinner with them together with other nieces and nephews this evening at Puchong Yong Tau Fo (蒲种酿豆腐), Bandar Puteri. Two nephews who are here didn't turned up because they were playing badminton.

Front row - from left: My eldest sister, my wife, Heng Wei's fiancée, Heng Wei (second brother's son)
Back row - from left: David, Nga Ming(second sister's daughter), Ming Hie(Eldest sister's daughter), Hui Na(third sister's daugther), Min Huang and Soon Hui(Eldest sister's son)

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day +1605 : N is "nervous"

I am fine today.

One day, while observing me driving the car, Adriel said that she knew the meaning of the marks on the automatic gear selector.

"P for park, R for reverse and N for nervous," she said confidently :-(

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Day +1604 : Amazon Kindle 3

I am fine today.

I am thinking of getting an electronic reading device and the one that I am considering seriously now is Amazon Kindle Graphite WiFi without 3G. It is a 6" gray scale electronic book reader with E Ink technology where it imitates the paper. So we need light source to read and it is a lot comfortable to read than iPad, LCD screen or other displays that generate light.

One more good thing about the device is that its battery can last for one month if we turned off the WiFi and even with the WiFi turned on, it can still last for 3 weeks :-)

The price list on Amazon website is USD139 but it does not ship to Malaysia. So there is no way to purchase it directly from Amazon.
One way of getting it is through ipmart.com. The cost is RM834.2 including a leather cover. I don't know how reliable is impart.com. If you have experience with the company, please let me know.
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day +1603 : Dinner at Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant

I am fine today.

A church member, Grace, invited us for a dinner at Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant Tuesday evening. The restaurant offers so many varieties of food that no other restaurants can compare. I believe I tried less than 10% of the food. So one needs to have multiple visits to finish trying all if them.

If you like to eat, this is the place to go :-) For more information, please visit the restaurant website here.

The price
Another advantage to be ladies - 50% discount on certain days
Register first before eating
Greeted with wines - I don't know it is provided for free

VIP coupon - for special food such as lobster
Fragrant coconut
Some food that we tried

The restaurant is located on the Starhill on the Relish Floor of Starhill Gallery

We visited Pavilion where Grace's office is located after the dinner
Christmas decoration at Pavilion

Group photo
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day +1602 : Holiday at Awana Genting (4)

I am fine today.

We made our first visit to Genting Higlands after my bone marrow transplant about two years ago. At that time Aaron was only two years old. He forgot he had ever boarded a cable car.

He was a little bit nervous when the cable car was departing the platform.

"I am afraid I drop down," he said while holding me tight.

I made some exciting noise to make the ride more adventurous until my wife cautioned me not to scared him anymore. He almost cried :-(

"I cannot talk loud," he complained while reaching Genting Skyway station on the way back.

In fact it was not because he couldn't talk loud, the problem was his ear couldn't hear well due to pressure difference.

"You will be able to talk loud later," I consoled him.

"Now is later," he answered.

Aaron - enjoying KFC on Genting Higlands 2 years ago
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day +1601 : Holiday at Awana Genting (3)

I am fine today.

All cable car passengers returning from Genting Highlands are forced to go through a shop that specializes in dried fruits in the Genting Skyway station. There are so many varieties of colourful and attractive dried fruits piling like hills in the shop, and samples are provided for us to try before buying. Even if you have no "budget" for them, you still can find out how all those fruits taste :-)

I was chased away not because of I was too greedy in eating those samples but because I was taking photos. Anyway, I already took quite a lot of photos before I was discovered :-)

I am now posting "confidential" photos below just for you; don't tell anyone :-)

Dried fruits

Our dinner at Gohtong Jaya - RM62 (including a pot of tea)

Compared to Cameron Highland - we don't see much beautiful flora, so I took a few only

Expanded top - do you know why? If you know the reason - one piece for you :-)
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