Monday, November 30, 2009

Day +1244 : Sarawak Holiday – cough and fever again

I am fine today.

I had mild cough when I was back to Sarawak last week. The cough intensified today and I experienced mild fever today.

I started to take antibiotic Erythromycin again and have to take Panadol to cool myself down.

The children complained that the life in kampong is boring. My wife and I went to borrow some books from the public library in Bintangor town for them.

We were quite surprised to find out that the library was still handling all lending and borrowing of books manually.

Registration as a member cost RM4 per children and RM8 per adult. We registered two adults and two children. This allowed us to borrow a total of eight books :-)

It was quite interesting to find out that we don’t need any proof of identify to register as a member. So one could simply give any information and pay the fee to be a member. I wonder how could the library prevent losing books with this kind of management. Certainly, a lot of improvement is needed.

Bek Tin Mee Sua for breakfast

Public library of Bintangor
This is where the lending and borrowing is recorded
Fried noodles of Bintangor
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day +1243 : Sarawak holiday – attending church service

I am fine today.

We attended Sunday service at Chin Nguong Tong (真元堂) this morning. Jing Nguong Tong is the church that I attended and served since I was in primary school (about 1975) until I left my kampong (1989), Sg. Mador, to study in West Malaysia.

As a tradition, the pastor is still preaching in Foochow :-)

Time passes really fast, the church members that were once strong and young are now look old, but I am glad to see them still serving God faithfully :-)

The church
Pastor house

A young pastor is preaching
Holy communion
Met a very old classmate - studied together in primary school
An auntie - 90 years old now, still attending Sunday service faithfully
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day +1242 : Sarawak holiday – to Sibu

I am fine today.

The Celcom wireless broadband service is too slow. So I go to my 2nd sister’s house today to use internet. Everyone except the maid followed me.

My niece, Siew Na, prepared Wantan noodles (云吞面) for us before we went to Sibu :-) The noodles are very nice :-)

We will come back to Bintangor again in the evening.

Making Wantan (云吞)

The instant noodles - but we didn't use the seasoning
Purchased whole box
Preparing the noodles

Ready to serve - with fish balls, sausage and wantans
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Day +1241 : Sarawak holiday – children talk

I am fine today.

While we were waiting at the boarding room, Aaron kept on urging me to board the plane.

“Go lah! Go lah!” until we actually board the plane.

Aaron and Adriel sat together in the airplane. They were very excited to board an airplane.

Adriel was puzzled when the cabin light was turned off for takeoff.

“What happened to the light?” she asked.

“Never mind lah. It will open again,” Aaron answered.

When the plane was in the air, Adriel said, “We are flying! We are flying!”

Not long after, she fell asleep, leaving Aaron alone with my wife. He started to get bored.

“Why so slow?” he asked. The airplane is flying at a speed of more than 800km an hour and yet he still complained that it was too slow :-(

Adriel was stung by a bee the first night in the kampong.

“Baba!” he called. I was in the bed room and she was in the living room watching television at that time. I didn’t bother to answer her as I thought that there was nothing so important that needed to be attended immediately.

She rushed to the bed room and said to me, “I think the bee sting me…” and started to cry. We located the wound on her toe and applied fresh Aloe Vera on the wound.

She had bad dream on the night :-(

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day +1240 : Sarawak holiday – visiting Sarikei

I am fine today.

We visited my mother-in-law in Sarikei. Before that we went to Bintangor for breakfast where we had Kampua Mee. We were treated a nice lunch there :-)

My 3rd brother, Sie Hai, and his family were visiting my mother today. He works with Asean Bintulu Fertilizer (Petronas) in Bintulu and came back for holiday too.

Together with us were my eldest sister, my third sister, my brother-in-laws and some of their family members.

My niece, Siew Na, cooked many delicious dishes for dinner, and I steamed spare ribs for dinner :-)

Breakfast at Bintangor - Soya milk cost RM0.80/cup
The stall that we had breakfast - stall 21 at the market

Still sharing soup :-( Six of us got two big bowls.
The Kampua Mee - RM2 only :-)
My wife, myself and Adriel cut hair in Sarikei. RM5 for a adult and RM4 for children :-)

New hair style :-)

Lunch at Sarikei - catered from restaurant :-)
Group photo with my father-in-law, mother-in-law and my wife's eldest brother's family
Back to Bintangor. My nieces are busy preparing dinner.
Siew Mai - RM0.40 per piece only :-)

Steam spare ribs with plum
Mayonnaise chicken
Lemon chicken
Herbal chicken

Group photo
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day +1239 : Sarawak holiday – fishing

I am fine today.

I fetched my mother to Bintangor clinic to do blood screening in the morning with my wife and eldest sister Sie Huong. The clinic has to send all blood samples taken to Sarikei Hospital for analysis and the it stops taking blood after 9am.

We reached there at about 8:30pm and there were a lot of people queuing there and if we followed the queue, we will certainly unable to take the blood in time.

Fortunately, my 3rd sister came to the rescue. He is a dental assistant of the clinic. She brought my mother straight to see a HA (Health Assistant), bypassing the queue :-)

After that we went to Min Hua restaurant to eat fried-cook noodles (炒煮面)

I brought the children to fish in the evening.

Min Hua Restaurant
Taking a photo with the lady boss (right). In the middle is my mother.
Junk food heaven - wholesaler of junk food in Bintangor town

Just in case you don't know where to locate it
My wife and I purchased many junk food for the children
Buns - very cheap. The Cha Siu bun cost RM0.80/piece, Meat bun cost RM0.60 and the planta, peanut, kaya, vegetable bun cost RM0.30/piece only :-)

Some biscuits we purchased

Now is the fishing time, first we need to find the bait - earthworms

Let's fish

First catch

Joseph also catch one
I am a tiger... Afraid?
We are given a piece of wild boar meat by someone
My niece's husband is cooking the meat. He is professional cook in a restaurant in Sibu.

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