Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day +910 : What I did the last day of the year?

I am fine today.

When I went to see a dentist and got a molar tooth extracted about two months ago, the dentist asked to come back later to do the dental filling of two decay teeth.

I went back to the clinic to do the dental filling this morning. The doctor suggested to have local anaesthetic injection to reduce the pain as the decay ran very deep into the teeth, approaching the nerve.

The dentist gave me the injection at about 10:00am and while waiting for the injection area to get numb, he went to attend another patient for about 20 minutes in the next room.

After that, he came back to do the dental filling for me. The decay ran too deep that even with local anaesthesia, I could still feel the pain. The dentist found out that the decay of one of the teeth had spread to another tooth. So he needed to do filling for three teeth instead of two.

The decay site of another tooth was so near to an old filling site that the dentist needed to remove the old dental filling and fused the two sites together for an effective filling. This created a very big “hole” which he himself didn’t expect initially. Even though he didn’t mention it, I could guess based on his body language as he kept shaking his head.

Worst still, the first attempt to fill the big hole failed. The filling dropped off half way. So the dentist had to repeat the process all over again. This made the whole process lasted for one and half hour – the longest dental procedure I ever had.

The dentist gave me pain killer just in case I experienced pain after the treatment. Fortunately, I feel no pain at all after the treatment.

At night, I brought my family for a thanksgiving and watch night service in the church.

This is my 366th blog entry and also the last post of Year 2008 :-) I thank God for blessing me a healthy, joyful and prosperous year :-)

See you next post :-)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day +909 : The Daihatsu Charade reached Melaka finally

I am fine today.

The first attempt to drive the car to Melaka on 24 August 2008 ended up in total damage of its engine due to overheating.

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Day +806 : The bill = RM4299

The incident led to a customer tribunal court case in which I sued the workshop, Twine Auto Services, which serviced the car just before it was driven to Melaka for negligence. But I lost the case.

The detail of the case was “documented” on the following blog entries:

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As the new semester is going to begin and my niece, Nga Ming, who studies in Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) needs to use the car, my nephew, Cheng Chiek, helped to drive the car to Melaka yesterday afternoon.

They reached Melaka safely and smoothly. Heng Chiek told me later that the temperature meter of the car rarely exceeds a quarter of full reading throughout the journey. This means that the cooling system of the car is now working perfectly. 

This also implies that Twine Auto Services didn’t do a proper job in examining the car earlier and should bear certain responsibility over the overheat incident. It was a pity that the judge held a different opinion.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Day +908: Happy birthday Joseph!

I am fine today.

We celebrated Joseph’s nine years old birthday this evening. His actual birthday is on 30 December. We brought it a day earlier for convenience sake as today is a public holiday.

He would like to have a remote control helicopter as birthday present. I will get one for him later through credit card rewards redemption which will take about one week to arrive. So I owe him a present and he needs to learn patience this birthday :-)

The dinner
The cake - Chocolate Cheese Cake
Busy fixing the candles
Group photo
Family photo
Cutting the cake
Dennis and Joseph
Receiving an Ang Pow from grand mother
Aaron. Perhaps the cake made him so happy and he tried very hard to show you a V sign. With the help of another hand, he made it finally. 
I don't want to see you anymore
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day +907 : Attending a wedding dinner

I am fine today.

The daughter of a church member, William, was getting married. My wife and I were invited to attend her wedding dinner last night at Tai Thong Imperial Palace Restaurant, Puchong.

This was the third wedding dinner that I attended post bone marrow transplant. The first wedding dinner that I attended post bone marrow transplant was William’s son wedding which was held on 2 May this year. All three wedding dinners happened this year :-)

Now let me share with you the delicacies that we had. A table of the dinner costs RM600 plus.

The menu of the night - click the picture to get a larger view
Take a group photo before the dinner - first row from left: my wife Angela, Amy, Gloria (our church co-worker from Hong Kong), Goria's parent, William's mother. 2nd row from left: Yean Ling (Richard's wife), Richard, David, Rev. Cheung - 张观运牧师 (From Hong Kong), Pastor Tan(Amy's husband - our church's pastor)
Tidbit and various sauces
The bride and bridegroom - Mr. Richard Lai and Ms. Yvonne Chieng
M.C. of the night - Captain Khor with Rev. Cheung 
Cold combination
Braised shark's fin soup
Roasted suckling piglet and roasted duck combination
Steamed Pomfret with soy sauce.
Baked tiger prawn with butter and oat
Zoom in view
Braised fish maws with mushrooms & gluten
Steamed rice with waxed meat in Lotus leafs
Sweetened red bean paste with Lotus seeds & Lily bulbs
Two special varieties of Chinese pastries
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day +906 : Dinner with Hong Kong STM trip’s members

I am fine today.

My brother, Richard, and I treated a Hong Kong short term mission (STM) trip’s members a dinner at Yuen Buffet Steamboat last night. The team, consisting of 8 members including two pastors, visited our church since 23 December. They are from Hing Wah Church (兴华堂). The church maintained a website here.

They came to assist us in the events that we organized during the Christmas season. Some of the team members participated in the caroling at my neighbor house as I blogged on Day +903 : Christmas caroling at my neighbor house.

We appreciate their care and support very much. May God bless them!

The team members are busy cooking
It's time to eat
One pot with two flavours - tom yam and chicken soup
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Friday, December 26, 2008

Day +905 : Christmas sharing at Jireh Christian Church

I am fine today.

I was invited to give a sharing during a Christmas celebration at Jireh Christian Church last night. The church is located at Taman Equine, Bandar Putra Permai, Seri Kembangan. It is about 15 minutes drive from my house.  All my family members except Joseph, Daniel and my mother-in-law, attended the Christmas celebration. Joseph and Daniel were involved in a performance at my own church last night, so they were unable to follow us.

Jireh Christian Church was "started from scratch" by Pastor Yit Oun and his wife on June 2007. It is an independent church. The church maintained a blog here. Last night’s event drew quite a big crowd and I believe many of them were new friends.

The celebration was started with a catered dinner. This was followed by praise and worship, testimony and choir presentation. After that I gave a sharing lasted slightly more than one hour; the longest sharing I ever make so far :-). The celebration then ended with gifts giveaway and prayer by Pastor Yit Oun.

I thank God for giving me another opportunity to share my experience.

Adriel and Aaron in front of a white Christmas tree
Let's have dinner
The delicious foods
My wife and children enjoying the dinner
I was sharing
Another view 
A photo with Pastor Yit Oun and his wife

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day +904 : Merry Christmas to you!

I am fine today.

Wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the presence of our Lord always be with you :-)

See you next post :-)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day +903 : Christmas caroling at my neighbor house

I am fine today.

Our church’s caroling team came to carol at my neighbor house last night. After the caroling, the team stayed back to celebrate Christmas with the family.

My family and I also attended the celebration. We sang songs, played games and listened to testimonies. Apart from this, we also enjoyed the nice desserts prepared by the host.

Children were very happy because they received gifts, and one of the gifts was Mamee Monster :-)

The caroling team are singingThey are very happy :-)
They dance too

Pastor Luk from Hong Kong giving his testimonyGloria is showing magic with help of Daniel
Now our honorable host, Mr & Mrs Woo
The sandwish with homemade passion fruit jam
Ginger bread man. Anyone running away?
Coconut drink - home grown
Passion fruit. Also own product
DIY (Do it yourself) gifts
DIY automatic door. All natural!
This is the weight that pull the door to close it. Very creative :-)
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