Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day +360 : Fish head curry from Johore Bahru

I am fine today.

My brother, Richard, brought back very delicious fish head curry from Johore Bahru yesterday. In order to preserve the freshness of the fish head curry, some of the ingredients such as vegetables were not cooked. We just have to boil the curry with all ingredients before enjoying a hot and fresh fish head curry meal which was purchased more than 220km away; the distance between Puchong and Johore Bahru.

This was the best fish head curry I ever had, but unfortunately, due to GVHD (graft versus host disease), my mouth is becoming more and more sensitive to hot and spicy food. I cannot ‘tahan’(stand) many hot and spicy food which include Nasik Lemak and fish head curry :-( So I could only eat a little bit of the delicious fish head curry (点到为止) and ‘enjoyed’ seeing others enjoying the food :-)

Just let me know if you are craving for the fish head curry, I can ask Richard to pack it for you on his next Johore Bahru's trip:-)

See you next post :-)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Day +359 : Travel 500km to pay university fee

I am fine today.

Last night, my two nieces came here from Sibu, Sarawak. They will be going to report for study at their respective university on Sunday, 1 July 2007.

As mentioned earlier, Nga Ming is going to study Computer Science in Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM). The university requires students to pay fee before registration, and the fee can be paid only through Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad(BIMB). I brought her to pay the fee at BIMB branch at USJ.

BIMB is definitely not a popular bank. It doesn’t have a branch in Sibu, Sarawak. A few UTeM students have to travel to nearest branch which is located in Bintulu to pay the fee. The distance between Sibu and Bintulu is about 250km, so they have to travel a total of 500km just to pay their university fee :-(

What puzzled me is why UTeM has to use or limit the payment to a bank with so few branches? Pity those students who have to travel such as a long distance to pay the fee.

See you next post.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day +358 : A very cheap Tokyo trip, interested? (2)

I am fine today.

Many times she asked me and my wife to visit Tokyo. She would provide everything free of charge because she remembered a lot of good things that I had done for her as what she wrote in a recent email:

“I always remember you pray for me a lot, help me applied for politenik course, helped me in my research, gave me place to stay in UPM, helped me to prepare the documents for married, and uncountable prays that i asked you, such as "during exam, presentation, interview, getting scholarship for study in japan and etc....., I know, if i don't have "big brother" then i wouldn’t have today. I have today because you have done too many things for me.”

She is a housewife now but also works as a part time tour guide, serving mainly Malaysian tourists. The fee that she collects is very cheap; RM3,500 per person for a 8 days trip (6 nights stay in the hotel inside the Tokyo). She picked up the job because she came to know a friend of her got cheated by travel agency, paying RM18,000 per person for a one week trip in Japan. She would like to help Malaysian tourists.

If you like to have a cheap and pleasant holiday in Japan, let me know. I can introduce her to you. I guarantee she would be able to provide you the best service :-)

See you next post :-)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day +357 : A very cheap Tokyo trip, interested? (1)

I am fine today.

I have a ‘sister’ who is staying in Japan now. We were neighbours in Sarawak. As we grew up together, we treat each other like brother and sister.

After she completed her Form Five study, she managed to secure a polytechnic course in Kuching, Sarawak. On thing I remembered very clearly was that, when she happily showed the offer letter from the polytechnic to her grandmother, her grandmother reluctant to let her to go for the course. This is because her grandmother was a little bit biased toward the girl (重男轻女). I finally persuaded her grandmother to let her to go for the course. Two reasons I managed to do this: I have a ‘three inches no rotten tongue (三寸不烂之舌)’ or glib tongue and her grandmother respect me because I am a boy :-)

Very fortunately, she later got a 7 years government and 2 years Epson scholarship to study in Japan, which allowed her to earn a Master Degree in electronics in the end.

She then got married to a Filipino Chinese and lives happily in Japan with one child :-)

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Day +356 : I don’t need to pay a cent? (2)

I am fine today. Continue from yesterday…

After seeing the note, the workshop agreed not to charge the processing fee (fortunately, the clerk is good in English), but ‘swallowed (吞吃)’ the claim for replacement vehicle while the car was being serviced in the workshop. The clerk said that it was the lawyer who acted on behalf of them in dealing with the insurance company ‘swallowed’ the claim. They needed to ‘swallow’ it because my nephew didn’t pay the processing fee :-(

Next time, if a workshop agent eagerly persuades you to be serviced by them, you should be smarter than my nephew (he was already very smart by writing the note) and write the following note:

“I don’t need to pay anything more than 0 cent, and no one, including the lawyer, should ‘swallow’ whatever claims that I deserve.” :-)

I believe this note should protect your interest adequately, what say you? :-)

See you next post :-)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Day +355 : I don’t need to pay a cent? (1)

I am fine today.

This afternoon, I went to the workshop with my nephew to collect my car that was involved in an accident two weeks ago. I blogged about this on Day +340 : An accident and a new ‘tail’.

The workshop asked for a RM200 processing fee which my nephew angrily rebutted. The workshop agent who persuaded my nephew to repair the car at the workshop promised not to charge him anything. In order to make the agent kept the promise, my nephew wrote a note on the service order, “I don’t need to pay a cent,” and asked the agent to sign besides it.

My nephew is good in English, the note might means that he doesn’t need to pay anything, but to people like me, who is not that good in English, it just simply means that he doesn’t need to pay if the workshop charge him a cent only, and he has to pay anything other than a cent, including the RM200 :-)

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Day +354 : Good soup! Good soup! (好汤! 好汤!)

I am fine today.

Among the four children, Daniel is the one who is most choosy in food. Most of the time, he is reluctant to take meal because the dishes do not suit his taste. In spite of this, he still grows very fast recently :-) He will eat a lot if he is served with his favorite dishes; else he will just tell us he is not hungry but silently fills his stomach with junk food :-(

When we were having holiday at Port Dickson, my mother-in-law, Daniel and my two nieces had a steamboat dinner at the hotel. The dinner was included in the hotel package.

The portion that was provided was pitifully small. Daniel kept on complaining the food was not enough. He drank a lot of soup because he liked it very much, but there was no way to satisfy his appetite by drinking soup only. My niece asked the waiter whether they could provide more Mee. Of course the waiter said they can, but with a charge.

A couple sat next to them just finished the dinner and left the dining table. They left a lot of food on the table, my nieces “sapu(sweep)” all the remaining foods from the table :-) What a brave girl! Dare to “curi (steal)” in broad daylight (光天化日).

With this, Daniel was very satisfied and happy. “Good soup! Good soup! (好汤!好汤!), he repeated saying on the way back to hotel room. He told me he liked the dinner very much, but did not mention to me they “curi (steal)” someone’s food. My niece told us the story later :-)

See you next post :-)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Day +353 : Steroid – a ‘powerful’ drug

I am fine today.

I felt very tired recently, sleepy most of the time :-( In addition to this, my appetite is no longer as good as before. I used to eat 4 slices of bread for breakfast before, but now two slices are more than enough.

The ‘veteran’ that I met on Monday told me that when he took steroid last time, he was so powerful that he only needed to sleep 3 to 4 hours per day, but after he stopped taking it, he had to sleep 18 hours per day.

Since I am taking 5mg (one tablet) of steroid per day compared to 120mg (24 tablets) before, I believe my tiredness and lack of appetite is due to the lack of this ‘powerful’ drug. No wonder, a doctor always warned his patient that those health foods or nutrition products in the market might contain steroid.

If you need power, try steroid :-) But before doing this, understands the side effects of this drug.

See you next post :-)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Day +352 : A veteran (2)

I am fine today. Continue from yesterday…

Before he was sick, he used to be a very healthy and strong person. He played basket ball regularly. Like him, I was also very active and healthy. I jogged every morning and took health food. I had come across many healthy and sporting man and woman were diagnosed with Leukaemia. “You may got it because you jog too much!” my wife said :-)

Another thing we had in common is we are now encountering short-term memory lost syndrome such as the fish Dory in the movie Finding Nemo. When he explained his AML’s symptom to me, he said, “I felt so cold at night that I was still shivering even after they covered my body with 5… 5… 5….” He got stuck and moved his hand up and down. He suddenly forgot the word “blanket” :-(

Next time, if I forgot your name suddenly, please tell me your name (报上名来) before I move my hand up and down :-)

See you next post :-)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day +351 : A veteran (1)

I am fine today. My mother-in-law came back from Sarawak this morning and the two nieces went back to Sarawak this evening. They will be coming here again next Thursday before proceeding to their respective university.

Now the story...

I met a man who did his allogeneic bone marrow transplant in 1999 in UH. Like me, he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML). After 4 cycles of chemotherapy, he did the bone marrow transplant with stem cells donated by his sister.

He told me he stayed in the VIP (isolated) room for 18 days only for the transplant. This is a record to me! Poor me had to stay in the room for almost 40 days :-( He said the secret to come up from room so fast was to drink lot of barley water and sweet potato soup. The barley would wash away the “toxic” from the medication while the sweet potato will boost the platelet count. May be I didn’t drink sweet potato soup, that was why I had to stay in the room for 40 days. However, one thing cannot be overlooked is that he was only 28 years old at that time while I was almost 40 years old when doing the transplant.

He got married after the bone marrow transplant :-) He and his wife had been dating for many years before he was diagnosed with AML. But due to the aggressive treatment, he is unable to bear children.

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Day +350 : Happy Birthday to Daniel!

I am fine today.

Today is Daniel's 10 years old birthday. My wife and I thought of having a simple celebration for him this time because my maid has not come yet and my mother-in-law is still in Sarawak. However, Daniel did not agree with this arrangement. He wanted to invite his cousins to his birthday party. We had no choice but to fulfil his wish.

We had pizza, fried Meehon, French Fries, soft drink, birthday cake and other junk food for the party.

We managed to take 3 photos before the camera ran out of battery :-(

The cake. Family photo.
See you next post :-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Day +349 : Congratulation to my niece, Nga Ming and Siew Ling!

I am fine today.

While I was in hospital yesterday, Nga Ming called to inform me that both of them were accepted into local universities :-)

Nga Ming will be doing Computer Science program at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) while Siew Ling will be doing Tourism Management at Universiti Utara Malaysia Kedahm (UUM).

They had resigned from temporary teacher job since Monday this week, and they are now baby sitting Aaron. After my mother-in-law returned from Sarawak this Thursday morning, they will be going back to Sarawak in the evening on the same day.

Both of them have to report to their respective university on 1 July 2007. We wish them success in their study. May God bless them!

See you next post :-)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Day +348 : Follow-up

My Blood Count Today:
Red Blood Count (HB) = 141 (Normal 130-180)
Platelet = 120(Normal 150-450)
White Blood Count (WBC) = 8.0(Normal 4 - 11)
Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) = 6.24 (Normal 1.5 - 8.0)

I am fine today, with dry eyes and mouth, running nose, cough, Candida (fungus) infection at genital area :-(

I went to UH to do my follow-up today. The HB and WBC are within the normal range now. The platelet is still ‘working hard’ to attain normal range.

Doctor said the Candida infection is a very common fungus infection. Nystatin ointment was prescribed to treat the infection. In addition to this, Doctor said that my wife has to be treated even though there is no symptom for Candida infection. So he prescribed a single dose of Fluconazole for my wife.

The hospital pharmacy suddenly asked me to pay for Ciclosporin – a drug used to prevent or treat GVHD. I was quite confused as I have been given this drug free of charge for almost one year. The pharmacist told me that the person in charge earlier did not follow procedure. He said I should buy the drug first and then claim back from the government. This is fine with me because I will get my money back eventually, but when I think about how "efficient" our government processes this type of claim, I acquired another symptom - "headache". Based on my wife’s colleague experience, we need to wait at least one year to get back the money upon submission of claim document. “Malaysia Boleh!” :-(

Fortunately, I stopped to take the antivirus drug, Valtrex, a month ago. This drug would cost me RM1000.00 per month. Ciclosporin is not so expensive, it costs RM3.3 per capsule only. I need to take 2 capsules per day, and as my next follow-up would be 6 weeks later, I had to purchase 84 capsules. This cost me RM277.2 only.

I am still happy because I had been enjoying free medication for so long before they discover it :-) Furthermore, I would be able to claim back the money that I spend on the medication one day. With this type of "Panadoic" thinking, my "headache" is cured.

See you next post :-)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Day +347 : Happy Father's Day

I am fine today.

I wish every father a Happy Father's Day!

Click "Play" to play. If one click does not work, click another time. If it still does not work, don't spend time to click again. Come to my house, I will show it to you on my computer, free of charge :-)

Our church also celebrated the event. Free lunch was provided after the church service :-)

Delicious cake. (Click a picture for a larger view)

Children were distributing gifts to father.
Delicous food.
Self service - 不用客气 :-)
See you next post :-)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day +346 : A Father's Day Present

I am fine today.

When I went to fetch Adriel yesterday evening, she happily passed me a Father’s Day card she colored in the kindergarten. This was the only card that I received for this year Father’s Day.

Adriel is two months to 3 years old. Teacher said that she put a lot of effort in coloring the card on Thursday. After that, she insisted to bring back the card to me on that day. However, teacher asked her to wait until Friday.

After our former maid returned to Indonesia, she became most ‘sticky’ to me :-) When I am around, she would insist that only I can prepare milk for her. She always asks me to carry her to toilet, both at day time and night. Actually, when I am not around, she can go to toilet by herself. Apart from this, she also insists that I should sit next to her while we have meal to together, and sleep next to her. Many other things only “Baba” can do :-(

When Adriel was very close to the maid last time, my wife was unhappy. Now Adriel is very close to me, my wife is very happy but my workload is very heavy :-(

See you next post :-)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Day +345 : Hainan chicken rice, really that good? (一言惊醒梦中人)

I am fine today.

When we reached Malacca last week, the first thing that we do is to try the famous Hainan chicken rice. The chicken rice shop opposite the Christ Church was so popular that many customers had to queue up for meal. After queuing for about 20 minutes, we managed to get seats for lunch. Photo of us enjoying the chicken rice can be viewed here.

Before the trip, I told everyone how special and delicious this Hainan chicken rice is, and while we enjoyed the chicken rice there, I praised about the chicken rice again.

“What is so good about this chicken rice? The chicken and rice are too soft,” my wife said. The two nieces also agreed with my wife. They said that my wife’s Hainan chicken rice is better than this one :-) You can see a photo the chicken rice that my wife cooked here.

With their words, I suddenly realized that this chicken rice was not as good as what I initially thought (一言惊醒梦中人). What other people said about the chicken rice (everyone said that it is delicious), together with the popularity of the chicken rice shop had influenced my perception toward the chicken rice :-(

If not for their words, I would brought my family to eat chicken rice at the chicken rice shop again before we left Malacca, and that means we had to take the trouble to queue for seats again.

See you next post :-)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day +344 : Meet an old friend

I am fine today.

A long time friend of mine came to KL for a business trip from Kuching, Sarawak. We were sitting next to each other, sharing the same table while we were studying Primary One. We also played together and attended the same church in our kampong, Sg. Mador.

We did not meet each other or keep in touch much after I came over to KL to study in 1989. When we meet after 18 years, he is already a father of 3 children and I am a father of 4 children; and of course each one of us has one wife only :-)

I am glad to be able meet him.

Photo with my friend.
We had dinner together.

See you next post :-)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day +343 : Baby sit Aaron

I am fine today.

My mother-in-law goes back to Sarawak today to settle some family matter. She will come back here next Thursday.

My wife and Daniel go to school in the early morning. After that, Adriel goes to kindergarten at 8:30am. We need someone to take care of Aaron after Joseph and my nieces go to school at 12:30pm. When I arranged my mother-in-law’s trip to Sarawak, I assumed our new maid would arrived by now. But the maid did not come due to health problem; we need someone to take care of Aaron.

Since I am given a special position in the office as I blogged in Day +260(A minister without portfolio), I come back to take care of Aaron at 11:30am everyday :-)

I like to take care of Aaron. He is cute and smiles a lot. Remembering that he was still in my wife’s womb when I was diagnosed with Leukaemia, and now he is a 14-months old baby who started to walk, I really thank God for his tremendous blessing for me to live to see him grows up :-)

See you next post :-)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Day +342 : Delicious organic dragon fruits

I am fine today.

I bought 4 dragon fruits from my neighbor yesterday. This organic dragon fruit was sold at RM8 per kg only, which is considered to be very cheap. You would have to pay for more than RM13 for a kg outside. Thus, we save RM5 for every kg we purchase, the more we purchase, the more we save :-)

My neighbor is practicing organic farming. While I was sick, they supplied me a lot of organic vegetables and fruits free of charge. I really appreciate their loving kindness toward me.

This time they have a pretty good harvest of dragon fruits :-) The fruits are very delicious, sweet and juicy. Please let me know if you would like to try the fruits. I can arrange the purchase for you :-) Remember, the more you purchase, the more you save :-)

Photo of the 4 dragon fruits; weighted more than 2 kg.
See you next post :-)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Day +341 : I am not from KL, and this car is not mine

I am fine today.

Last Tuesday, just before we started our journey from Malacca to Port Dickson, we had WanTan Mee (云吞面) for lunch. The Mee was so oily that it made us dizzy after consuming it.

On the way from Malacca to Port Dickson, we saw a lot of fruit stalls on the road side. As we normally craved for juicy fruits after eating oily food, we stopped at some stalls to enquire the price of some of the fruits. We found out that the price ‘quoted’ was very high – higher than the price in KL. This was really beyond our expectation. A kg of Mangosteen cost RM5 to RM7 while in KL, we could get 3kg at RM10.

We suspected one of the reasons that they ‘quote’ the price so high was because they saw us driving a big car, and thus assumed that we were rich people from KL.

Next time, before we asked for the price, we should tell them, “I am not from KL, and this car is not mine.” Hopefully with this, they will lower the price accordingly :-)

See you next post :-)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day +340 : An accident and a new 'tail'

I am fine today.

Yesterday night, my nephew driving my old Proton Wira, met with an accident. He made an emergency brake at the traffic light. Someone hit the car fiercely from behind. He said he needed to brake suddenly because the traffic light countdown meter jumped from 30s to 0s, from Green light to Red light, suddenly. We really don’t know how the counter can skip 30s suddenly? Could it be due to a bug of the countdown meter or simply of bug (mistake) of my nephew?

Anyway, no matter whose bug was it, the poor guy who hit my car was guilty :-( He had to bear the repair cost for both cars, most probably through claiming his car insurance. The front part of his car was badly damaged, and the rear part of my car was badly damaged too, but we were so relieved to hear that no one was ‘damaged’ :-) Both drivers and passengers were safe.

The rear part of my car including the bonnet has to be replaced. It would take one week to repair the car.

How could we see positively of an incident like this? What I can say is - with this accident, my car is blessed with a new ‘tail’ :-)

See you next post :-)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Day +339 : We choose a maid again

I am fine today.

While I was driving along the coastal road from Malacca to Port Dickson on Tuesday, the agency called, telling me that the maid that we booked (Day +278 We Choose a Maid again) contracted serious illness at Indonesia training centre. They had to send her home urgently. This maid should arrive early this month had she not contracted any disease.

My mother-in-law is going back to Sarawak next Tuesday for about a week time. We thought that the maid would take care of Aaron when my wife went to work in the morning. But now, we have to make alternative arrangement :-(

We choose another maid yesterday based on the agency recommendation. This is the third one that we choose. The agency said that the new maid will arrive in another one and half month time.

We faced so much difficulty in getting a maid this time. However, it is a blessing for both the maid and us that the problem appeared before she comes here.

Photo of the 22 years old maid that we choose.

Again, as I asked earlier, based on the look, do you think she will be a good maid? If you guess correctly, I should cook you a delicious dinner when the maid comes :-)

Lastly, may God bless the maid and God bless me!

See you next post :-)

Friday, June 08, 2007

Day +338 : Fulfilling a promise

I am fine today.

On my blog Day +286 (Not Fair?), I mentioned that I promised Daniel a very good buffet meal. I fulfilled this promise today – 52 days later - by bringing him to the Sun & Surf Café at Sunway Resort Hotel for a buffet lunch.

Citibank credit card holder enjoyed 50% discount of the total bill. However, the offer is valid only from Monday to Friday and non public holiday until the end of this month. As the school will start next week, today is the last chance for me to bring him for the buffet.

In fact I felt quite lazy to go for the buffet. I was thinking of ways to avoid the buffet and yet still fulfilling the promise. I offered to exchange the buffet with cash but he turned down this offer. In the end, I have no choice but to bring him for the lunch in order to keep my promise :-(

He was charged children rate and yet he ate like adult :-) He told me this was the best buffet he ever had. I agreed with him. There were so many foods to enjoy. One guy seated next to our table consumed more than 10 fresh oysters :-) I still don't dare to eat raw seafood at the moment due to immunosuppression.

I could not bring along my wife as she was busy giving tuition in school today.

Daniel enjoying the food.
A photo taken with Daniel.
See you next post :-)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Day +337 : Holiday at Port Dickson (3)

I am fine today. Continue from yesterday...

The next morning, my wife and my mother-in-law, together with the two nieces went for shopping, leaving me alone to take care of our 4 children. It was no joke of doing this :-)

Without much thinking first, I told them to take their time to shop around and if there was not enough time, I would checked out by myself and picked them up somewhere. This kind of offer gave me big trouble later. I had to tidy up everything while taking care of the 4 children and even worst, I needed to shift everything to the car :-(

I thank God that Aaron and Adriel fell asleep just before we checked out from the hotel. This gave me some time to prepare for the checkout. Daniel was strong enough to carry Aaron to the car while I carried Adriel.

We used the coastal road to go to Port Dickson from Malacca. It was a smooth journey because I did not make any mistake this time and along the way, we got to see a lot of kampongs. We went through some places like Masjid Tanah and Lubok China which I had never heard before. It took us about 2 hours to reach Port Dickson.

At Port Dickson, we stayed at Bayu Beach resort which is located along a nice beach. The children were having real fun there :-)

Did I enjoy the holiday? No, because it was very tough to manage a trip with so many people especially with those 4 children. But this did not mean that I did not enjoy anything; I enjoyed seeing the children and the nieces enjoying the holiday :-)

A family photo at the beach. My mother-in-law and Aaron. We stayed in one of the apartments at the back.

Aaron at the beach.
Adriel, wearing her first swimming suite.
Joseph was enjoying the wave.
Daniel found something interesting.

Finally, my wife and I find a chance to take photo together. This is the only photo that we took together throughout the trip. We were too busy to take more...
See you next post :-)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Day +336 : Holiday at Malacca (2)

I am fine today. Continue from yesterday…

We proceeded to Malacca town after visiting the zoo and stopped at somewhere near Christ Church at about 2:00pm.

A photo taken in front of Christ Church.

The first thing we would like to do when we reached there was to look for the famous Hainan chicken rice for lunch. There is a very popuar Hainan chicken rice shop just opposite the Christ Church. Customers had to queue up for meal. We just barely managed to come on time for lunch. Many people that come after us were turned away by the shop owner.

We ordered a whole chicken which cost RM24. Each one of us was given 5 chicken rice balls, RM0.30 a piece. Apart from this, I ordered additional 20 chicken rice balls. In order to make sure that they gave me the right number of rice balls, I took the following photo. Please let me know if you find out that the number does not tally, I will ask for a refund :-) Adriel was enjoying the chicken rice. This must be her first time to see chicken rice made into a ball form.

Daniel was coaching Joseph how to use chopstick.

We arrived at Century Mahkota hotel at about 4:00pm; only after making many wrong turns and mistakes :-)

After checked in to the hotel, I sent the two nieces to the Christ Church while the children went to swim in the hotel’s swimming pool.

To be continued and see you next post :-)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Day +335 : Holiday at Malacca (1)

I am fine today.

We did not manage to start our journey at 7:00am yesterday. It is very difficult to make sure that everyone gets ready on time when the group is big. We only managed to start our journey at about 8:30am.

We visited the Honey Bee Museum first. As I tended to overbuy products in a place like this, I declared to my wife and nieces before entering the museum that I would not purchase anything this time. However, after the promoter told us so much information regarding bees and honey productions, and let us tasted different types of honey, I felt embarrassed (不好意思) of not buying anything. So I purchased a small bottle of honey enhanced with Propolis :-) The promoter said drinking this type of honey regularly will prevent us from catching cold.

Family photo taken in front of the Honey Bee Museum.
After visiting the Honey Bee Meseum, we visited the Malacca Zoo. This was the first time Adriel and Aaron visited a zoo and got to see so many different types of animal.

Family photo taken at the zoo. Joseph and Adriel riding on a tortoise statue. To continued and see you next post :-)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Day +334 : Going for Holiday

I am fine today.

Adriel does not have fever anymore but Aaron still experiences mild fever. We decided to proceed with the holiday.

I borrowed my sister’s Pajero (4-Wheel Drive) last night. We are leaving for Malacca at 7:00am.

See you next post :-)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Day +333: Busy preparing for holiday

I am fine today.

My wife and I are very busy today to prepare for the holiday. We bought Adriel her first swimming suit in the afternoon. As we are not familiar with Malacca at all, we also purchased a Malacca map. As my sense of direction is very poor, I have to do a lot of homework before the trip.

Tonight, when we prepared the children’s clothing, we failed to locate Joseph and Daniel swimming trunks. In fact they just wore the swimming trunk yesterday, but we didn’t know where my mother-in-law placed them. She said she remembered clearly she put them in the cupboard together with other clothes. We searched all the cupboards but still could not locate them.

Finally, I brought the two boys to Jusco at 9:00pm to purchase swimming trunks. When we reached home, my mother-in-law told us she found the swimming trunks. They were not washed yet and still inside a plastic bag somewhere in the house :-(

Adriel and Aaron are having mild fever today. Hopefully, they will be getting better tomorrow; else we would have to cancel the trip :-(

See you next post :-)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Day +332 : Vacation Bible School

I am fine today.

My wife, Adriel and I attended the closing ceremony of Vacation Bible School which Joseph and Daniel attended since Wednesday. The Bible school was conducted by a nearby church. The two boys also attended the same school last year.

We make full use of the two weeks school holiday. After we came back from Penang on Tuesday, the two boys attended the Bible school until today. Next week, we will be going for vacation to Malacca and Port Dickson from Monday to Wednesday. After that, my wife has to conduct tuition on Thursday and Friday. That is it – everyday is occupied :-)

Joseph and Daniel in front of the stage.

Daniel was adwarded the best student among the 9-10 year-old group.
See you next post :-)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Day +331 : Life as a Minister without Portfolio

I am fine today.

I blogged about my life in the office on Day +260 - A Minister without Portfolio in the Company. Apart from keeping my hands off the main software development job, I was given total freedom to do anything in the company. Now, I personally extend the freedom a little bit further to include freedom to go for holiday anytime :-)

I just went to Penang for holiday on Monday and Tuesday with Joseph and Daniel. Next week, we will be going for a 3 Days 2 Nights holiday at Malacca and Port Dickson. This time, I will bring everyone, including my mother-in-law and the two nieces, a total of 9 persons.

Before I was sick, I was the most hardworking staff in the company. I owed my family members a lot of family hours. Now I am the most relaxing staff in the company :-) It is time to pay back now. Therefore, I arrange as much holiday as I can.

To be able to relax with continuous income is a blessing from God :-)

See you next post :-)