Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day +1759 : Level 1 Emotion Quartet Course - Day 2

I am fine today.

The course continued this morning at 8:30am and ended 10pm, with short breaks in between for lunch and dinner.

The speaker and group leaders brought the participants to due with emotion memory caused by past negative events. The participants were encouraged to search and identify those events, and I could see that most of them were related to their family members and spouse.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Day +1758 : Level 1 Emotion Quartet Course - Day 1

I am fine today.

The long anticipated Level 1 Emotion Quartet Course (第一阶段:情绪四重奏) as mentioned on my blog "Day +1696 : Are you wounded?" started this evening. This is an intensive course starting from today, and it will be ended on Monday afternoon. It is attended by 40 participants.

The course helps us to understand our emotion, and then to learn ways to handle our emotion. Our main speaker is Dr. Katherine Kot from Hong Kong. She brought with her a team of 10 workshop leaders. This is a practical course in which all the participants learn to due with their emotion under the leadership of the workshop.

Mrs. Rev. Lau - giving a short opening speech
First session
Dr. Katherine Kot
Workshop - My wife and I were very lucky to be in Dr. Katherine's group
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day +1757 : The Milo didn't work

I am fine today.

Though I tried very hard, I am still having difficulty winning my lecturer, Dr. Leow Hong Too(廖鸿图博士), in our everyday badminton match. I discussed the problem with my classmate, Kah Kiong. Kah Kiong is good and active in sports, and as we were searching for way to beat our lecturer, he advised me to drink a cup of Milo an hour before the match.

Heeding his advise, I had a cup of Milo half an hour before the game today, and I prayed that this strategy would work. To my dismay, I lost three games straight to Dr. Leow. This proved that the Milo didn't work :-(

I have to look for other ways to beat him, and I believe I must be able to beat him in three years; that is before I graduate :-)

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day +1756 : Gifts and Tears

I am fine today.

I need to use more artificial tears since I started my seminary course as I sleep less now. The STM from CMA Grace Chapel purchased nine boxes artificial tears for me as a gift :-)

In fact, I am running our of the artificial tears and just about to purchase them. Now I can delay the purchase.

I appreciate the STM very much and May God bless them!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day +1755 : Easter Celebration (2)

I am fine today.

Continue from yesterday...

Delicious watermelon

Do you want to have one piece? Free!
Now let's start eating...

Praise and worship

David Chiang and his story

A photo with the STM from Western District Church (西环堂)
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Day +1754 : Easter Celebration (1)

I am fine today.

Our church held a Easter Celebration yesterday evening. There were more than 200 children and adult, including new friends, attended the event.

Apart from enjoying a great variety of home cooked delicacies, we also invited the chairman of Gamblers Rehab Centre Malaysia (马来西亚信心戒赌会) to share his gambling experience with us. God delivered him from gambling habit and now he is working very hard to help gamblers through the power of Jesus Christ.

The dishes - about 30 of them:-)

To be continued and see you next post :-)