Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day +1091 : Rais Yatim and swine?

I am fine today.

Our learned Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said all media should return to using “swine flu”.
KUALA LUMPUR, June 25 – Shortly after Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai urged the media to use the term Influenza A(H1N1) as recommended by the the World Health Organisation, Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said all media should return to using “swine flu” instead.

Rais said this was to ensure that the people realised the danger of the disease and to get the message across to them more accurately.

It is also easier for (radio and television) announcers to state “selsema babi” (swine flu) than H1N1 in Bahasa Melayu, he told reporters after an official visit to Pos Malaysia, here.

Rais also said that the ministry would monitor programmes broadcasting health-related advertisements to ensure that there was no confusion as to the accuracy of the message as well as the people’s understanding of swine flu/A(H1N1).

“We should not combine health-related matters with confusing advertisements," he said. – Bernama
So the reasons are threefolds:
  1. Ensure that the people realised the danger of the disease.
  2. Get the message across to them more accurately.
  3. Easy to pronounce.
But I think not even one of these reasons stand.

Firstly, I really can’t figure out why calling it swine flu will make people feel that the flu is more dangerous. What I know is that pork is delicious :-) Some people, especially those running the country, are a lot more dangerous than swine.

Secondly, he said that it is more accurate to call it swine flu, but if this is the case, why WHO chose to use a term less accurate?

Thirdly, calling it swine simply “babi (pig)” is easier to pronounce doesn’t stand too. If this is the case, babi and Rais Yatim, which one is easier to pronounce?

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Day +1090 : Tai Thong again!

I am fine today.

The teacher’s day dinner last Saturday catered food from Tai Thong Restaurant, and today, after the company meeting, we had lunch at Tai Thong (Imperial Palace Restaurant) again :-)

One table of 7 courses meal cost RM168, and after adding in the cost of tea and other charges, cost slightly less than RM200.

It has been a long time we didn’t have company meeting which always comes with free lunch. We supposed to hold the meeting once a month, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, we didn’t meet over the past 5 months. Our last meeting was held on 22 January.

Everyone in the company, including me, likes the meeting simply because we got to enjoy free lunch :-)

Everyone is waiting for the next meeting, no, next free lunch :-) Hopefully, it will be held on time.

Free soup
And the rest

See you next post.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day +1089 : Offered JPA Scholarship, but not the right course

I am fine today.

I talked about my niece experience in applying for JPA scholarship on Day +1064 : Another lie exposed. After she was denied the scholarship, she took up the offer to study in Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan (Matriculation College of Labuan).

Yesterday, JPA staff contacted her to offer her scholarship, doing a course in either Biotechnology or Science in a local campus of foreign university. One of them mentioned was Monarch University.

After careful consideration, she turned down the offer. The reason is that there is no point for her to take up a course which was beyond her interest. Continuing doing her matriculation course in Labuan stands a better chance to get a course of her choice in local government university.

So the reply to JPA was that she would only take up a course in dentistry or medicine, and she didn’t mind to be on the waiting list. Just hope that some seats will be vacated by someone who got a better offer when the semester starts, and she will be offered to fill in the vacant seat; else, continuing the matriculation study remains as her course :-)

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day +1088 : S.J.K (C) YAK CHEE – A Walk Down the Memory Lane

I am fine today.

It was in fact a teacher’s day cum 79-year anniversary celebration (2009年教师晚兼校庆晚宴) of S.J.K (C) YAK CHEE, the school where my wife teaches, and Joseph and Daniel study.

Many weeks ago, I promised my wife to attend the dinner with her tonight.

The event was held at Bukit Jalil Goft and Country Resort but the food was catered from Tai Thong restaurant. The ball room which hosted more than 60 tables was very crowded.

Apart from the eating and speeches, the parents and teachers presented interesting programme that made the night lively :-)

One guy imitated the great star, Michael Jackson, who passed away unexpectedly yesterday. Though I am not a fan of Michael Jackson and didn’t really get exposed too much to his works, I felt that his imitator tonight was too soft. One indispensable element that the great star always demonstrates was his explosive dynamic on the stage. Lacking this element, there is no way to be like him :-)

The food tonight was not really nice, but I also didn’t expect much from it. It is quite impossible to prepare food for over 600 people with limited budget and yet delicious. However, I enjoyed the night very much, all because I was able to attend dinner again with my lovely wife :-)

The resort
The event
The programme
The backdrop

My wife and me
This card told me that the food was from Tai Thong
The menu
The dishes

Free flow of alcohol

Every teacher received a gift. My wife received this wonderful gift - a electronic scale. We have been talking about of getting one months ago because the mechanic one that we have didn't give accurate reading. I need to monitor my weight regularly as drastic changes in weight could be a signal of health issue.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Day +1087 : Dinner at Grill King again

I am fine today.

In appreciating the effort of Pastor Lim and Mrs Lim for introducing and conducting “Building Your Marriage” lesson in our church, my wife and I, Pastor Tan and Mrs. Tan, invited them for a dinner at Grill King yesterday evening on behalf of the church.

As I mentioned before, the restaurant serves both eastern and western cuisines, and normally I would order western food.

But I have had too much meat over the past few days, and really couldn’t take in anymore meat, so I ordered eastern food :-)

Now let me document again the food that we had :-)

US Deep Sea Fish Fillet
Steak Ribeye Set
Baked Cheese Chicken Rice with cream sauce which I recommended to my wife. This one came with a very heavy taste. The first mouth tasted fantastic, the next mouth still tasted good, but after that, you won't enjoy it anymore. My wife said, can't stand (tak boleh tahan) the heavy taste :-(
Wat Tan Hor 滑蛋河 (my order)
Ngau Yok Hor 牛肉河
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day +1086 : Mary’s open house

I am fine today.

Mary is our church member. After struggling through the turmoil of life, she is starting a new one and at the same time, moves to a newly rented house.

She invited me and my wife and other church members to an open house gathering. As it was a sudden invitation, we were unable to prepare home cooked food. So we decided to pack two-taste spare ribs (鸳鸯排骨) from a nearby restaurant.

I was very happy to have a chance to indulge myself in eating again, but even happier to see how one (Mary) followed God’s command to do the right thing, and gained strength from Him to pull through the challenges of life :-)

Mary is on the right, and next to me is Paster Tan and his wife, Amy
The dishes

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day +1085 : The best ever fish head mee hoon in town

I am fine today.

We had dinner at Restoran Soon Soon Lye Salmon Fish Head(顺顺来三文鱼头米)last night after a church meeting. The restaurant is located near the Oriental Cafe at Bandar Puteri along Jalan Puteri 2/3.

The fish head mee hoon here is very delicious; in fact it is the best ever that I have so for :-) We have a choice of salmon fish head, code fish head, fish paste, and etc.

A bowl cost about RM10 but the portion is big. Pastor Tan told us that the rule of thumb is two bowls for three person. We ordered 4 bowls for 7 person last night, and it was sufficient to satisfy all of us :-)

We can choose to add extra mee hoon with a minimal cost of RM1 per bowl. And one thing that I like very much was that they provided us additional 2 bowls of tasty mee hoon soup free of charge :-)

A restaurant highly recommended.

The restaurant
The mee hoon
Another flavour
Another one
And the last one
Free soup
See you next post :-)