Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day +2035 : Are you not sick?

I am fine today.

The seminary is experiencing the worst disease season now. More than 40 students and teachers are down with fever and body aches for the past few days. Almost all these students and teachers are having the same symptom - recurring fever, body aches, and some vomiting. We are still not sure whether it is dengue fever. Some of the students had done a blood test to rule out the dengue fever. The result of the test is not known yet.

"Are you not sick?" is the question many student asked me. They are quite surprise that I am not affected.

In fact, I should be more vulnerable than most students due to my past medical problem. However,  this time I am not affected. That is something I would like to thank God :-)

I pray that all students who are sick will recover soon.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Day +2034 : Follow-up at BMT Clinic

I am fine today

I went to UH for a regular post bone marrow transplant follow-up this afternoon. All the blood counts are normal. I also did a lipid profile test but the result was not out when I saw the doctor. I will check the result next follow-up which is scheduled on 21 May.

I noticed one of the panel doctors of the clinic was having a name almost the same as me - Dr. S.K Ting. My name is Ting Sie Kiew, and its short form is S.K. Ting. I am quite proud to have my name on the board and also to have my title elevated to Dr. :-)

Take note of Dr. S.K Ting - last one in the list
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day +2033 : Pulasan from the village

I am fine today.

My nephew, Heng Chiek, came back from Chinese New Year holiday from the village. He brought to us some pulasan. The fruits are very big and fat. I have never come cross pulasan this big before.

When we went back for holiday December last year, the fruits were still small and green. I didn't expect I have a chance to eat the fruits :-)

The fruits - December last year

The ones that my nephew brought to me

Very delicious!
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day +2032 : Welcome Anmy Lim!

I am fine today.

My classmate Anmy Lim is assigned to my church for a year of weekend internship. She will come on Saturday and return to the seminary on Sunday every week.

My wife and I went to fetch her from her friend's house at Subang Jaya for a dinner with Rev. Lau, Mrs. Rev. Lau and Pastor Tan at Restoran Kepala Ikan Jalan Lima (陈秀莲鱼头). She will stay in the church with some church members.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Day +2031 : A farewell potluck

I am fine today.

Brother Bean Tatt and his family will be leaving Malaysia for Qingdao, China tomorrow morning. We had a potluck farewell at his house this evening.

May God bless them wherever they are!

My mother-in-law's spring roll

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day +2030 : Farewell Dinner for Bean Tatt and Family

I am fine today.

The church committee members get together at Hee Lai Ton Restaurant Puchong for a dinner this evening to bid farewell to brother Bean Tatt and his family who are going to be permanently stationed in Qingdao China. Bean Tatt and his wife, Grace, both served in Puchong Christian Alliance Centre for many years. We miss them a lot!

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