Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day +879 : Attending Daniel’s wedding dinner

I am fine today.

My son Daniel’s wedding dinner? No, no. It is our neighbor, Daniel's wedding dinner :-)

The dinner was held in Holiday Villa Subang. What made the wedding so special was that the bride is Japanese, and they got to know each other through internet – all those online chatting and videoconferencing :-) So if anyone of you has difficulty of getting a life partner, please don’t forget internet. Who know you will be lucky enough to get a partner from it like Daniel :-)

This is my second wedding dinner post bone marrow transplant. I need to attend another one end of next month :-)

The backdrop of the stage in the ballroom where the dinner was hostedThe menu - click to get a larger view
Soup? No, no. This is just decoration, please don't drink.
Take a photo with the bridegroom and bride
Cold plate
Shark fin soup
Steamed fish
Roasted duck
Fried prawns
Black mushrooms with sea cucumber
Lotus leaf rice
And the dessert
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day +878 : Attending Steven Tong’s gospel rally

I am fine today.

My wife and I attended Steven Tong’s gospel rally in Stadium Badminton Cheras tonight. Even though the rally started from Thursday, I only managed to attend today’s session. This is because I was not feeling well on Thursday night and I accompanied our Hong Kong friends for dinner last night.

The rally attracted many audience and the stadium was almost full. Steven Tong explained through seven points the qualification of Jesus Christ to be our savior, or why Jesus Christ is qualified to become our savior.

I would like to list the seven points for your reference.

  1. He was sent by God into this world.
  2. He is without sin.
  3. He is man and he is also God.
  4. He died for us.
  5. He rose from the death.
  6. He gained victory over the power of death, sin and devil.
  7. He fulfilled the requirement of righteousness of God.

If you need elaboration regarding these points, I am most willing to help. Just get in touch with me and then we can have a cup of coffee at Old Town to discuss them.

The audience

See you next post :-)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Day +877 : Spider crab

I am fine today.

I have a dinner with our Hong Kong visitors today in Restoran King Crab at Taman Mewah Jaya, opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT station. This is my first time visiting the restaurant and prior to this, I don’t even know the existence of the restaurant :-)

We came to this restaurant upon suggestion from some of our Hong Kong friends and with this, I must admit that they are better diners than me, and perhaps many of you. This is because they know better where to dine than most of us even they are from Hong Kong.

The main dish that we ordered tonight is spider crab. This is my first time ever eating this type of crab. It is very meaty and delicious, but very expensive, at least to most of us I guess. It carries a price tag of RM268 per kg :-) The crab (one only) that we ate weighted more than 2kg and I found out later that it cost about RM680 :-)

Together with other dishes, the total cost of the meal is about RM1200. So this is the most expensive meal that I ever eat in my life. One of our Hong Kong friends paid the bill :-)

If you have too much money and don’t know how to spend it, this restaurant might be the right place to solve your problem. But before going there, don’t forget me, I shall be the first to offer help :-)

The restaurant with pictures of spider crab
The tissue Titbit
Happy diners :-) The spider crab (half) - sweet and sour flavourZoom in view Bun to eat with the gravy Another half - fried with salted egg Zoom in view Crab pincer - very big. I ate this one :-) Tools to eat the crab. Dare not use my teeth to bite again. Prawns Steamed fish Fried chicken Fried onion bean curd Beans The soup Fruits The live spider crab in the aquarium Abalone - about RM400/kg Australian lobster, RM368/kg See you next post :-)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day +876 : Roti canai feast

I am fine today.

I brought my family for a roti canai dinner in a Mamak stall nearby last evening. All my children, including the youngest Aaron, like to eat roti canai.

Six of us consumed 11 pieces of roti canai. The distribution:
  1. David 2
  2. Angela 2 (my wife)
  3. Daniel 3
  4. Joseph 2
  5. Adriel 1
  6. Joseph 1
We paid RM1.00 for a piece of roti canai and together with the drinks, a family meal cost about RM16 only, which is very cheap :-)

Take a photo in the restaurant
The freshly cooked roti canai
Daniel, the champion, is paying full concentration on his three pieces of roti canai.
Joseph is working hard too
Adriel is busy too - with fork and hand
Aaron - You see, I use hand only to eat
And this is how I completed the whole piece of roti canai
See you next post :-)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day +875 : Invite you to a great talk

I am fine today.

(Click to get a larger view)

I would like to invite you to attend a great talk by Stephen Tong from 27 (Thursday) to 29 (Saturday) November in Stadium Badminton KL Cheras. The talk will start at 8:00pm each night.

Though it is a gospel rally, it is still worth for you to attend even if you are not interested in Christianity at all. This is because Stephen Tong is a very talented speaker. And furthermore, the admission is free :-)

If you would like to find out more about the talk, you can get more information here.

See you next post :-)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day +874 : A sharing at an insurance agent's group meeting

I am fine today.

I was invited to give a sharing at an insurance agent’s group meeting tonight. There were about 50 insurance agents attended the meeting. I did a similar sharing on 6 August 2008 which I mentioned in my blog Day +397 : A talk about my Leukaemia experience.

The organizer would like me to share my Leukaemia experience; how I faced the disease and treatment and of course, since this is an insurance agent’s meeting, to share my insurance experience :-)

Hopefully, my sharing would motivate the insurance agents, especially the young one, to attain better achievement.

I was sharingThe audienceSee you next post :-)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Day +873 : Pork leg soup with smelly root (臭枳根) and cuttlefish

I am fine today.

The senior pastor and his wife that visited us from Australia last October brought back a few packs of smelly root (臭枳根) for me from Sibu, Sarawak while visiting their family members there.

The smelly root (I simply called it as I don't know its actual name in English) is imported from China and it can only be found in certain parts of Sarawak such as Sibu, Bintagor and Sarikei. And I believe only older generation of Foochow appreciate the root nowadays. My nephews didn't even know the existence of such thing and some of them can’t even stand the taste which is a little bit bitter :-(

My wife told me that when she was studying in primary school, her headmaster would advised his students to take the smelly root during sports day to gain extra strength so that they could run faster :-)

We cooked pork leg soup with smelly root and dried cuttlefish once in a while in the kampong when we were young. My mother used to tell us that eating the smelly root makes us stronger; our body will gain more strength and power. And that is why the kampong people like to eat it as they need strength to do heavy work in the farm.

My wife cooked the dish last Saturday, and I felt my health improved a lot after eating the dish. I think the smelly root is still as effective as what my mother used to say :-)

The root
The dish - see the root?
A zoom in view
See you next post :-)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day +872 : Happy birthday, Yim Lai

I am fine today.

My family and I attended a potluck birthday party of a church member today. As many of our church members are great cooks, we got to enjoy many delicious dishes again :-)

There are over 50 church members and friends, including our friends from Hong Kong, attended the party. Apart from eating, the guests also enjoyed a singing presentation by the two princes of the birthday lady. Apart from this, one of our church members presented a very interesting story that detailed how his life and business was transformed by Jesus Christ.

The foods, together with the presentation and sharing make the birthday party a great one :-)

The dishes - too busy to take photo for all them one by one this time
Another view
Plenty of food - more than enough to serve the guests
We cooked red wine residuum pork again
Guess what is this? Curry kampong chicken
Tom Yam seafood
Herbal chicken
The drink
The guests are busy getting food
Joseph, Daniel and Dennis enjoying the dinner
The birthday cake
Singing birthday song. Guess which one is the birthday lady? Very easy to guess :-)
The birthday lady with her husband, Mr. Yii
A singing presentation by two princes
See you next post :-)