Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day +1518 : Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia Ke-53

I am fine today.

Malaysia marks 53rd independence anniversary today. All of us are very happy because we have one day off.

How nice if we have another independence day in the year, marking the delivery from corruption, racism, discrimination, oppression, rotten justice system and all sorts of problem our country is struggling with - an independent day that deserves even more celebration.

Wish you a very happy Merdeka Day!
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Day +1517 : Cameron Highland, I am coming!

I am fine today.

Richard booked for me under Awana Genting Timeshare two nights (24 and 25 September) stay at Equatorial Hill Resort, Brincang, Cameron Highlands. The rate is RM500 per night but I don't need to pay anything; realizing a saying of RM1000 instantly :-) I should thank Richard for extending this free accommodation to me.

The best available rate for the 2 rooms apartment after 39% is RM500 - Click on the picture to get a larger view

We will be going there after school in the Friday afternoon on 24 September. Then have a nice Saturday wandering around the highlands and then attending Sunday service at All Soul's Church on Sunday before coming back to Puchong.

This is my first trip to Cameron Highlands after bone marrow transplant and I am looking forward to have a great vacation with my family :-)

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day +1516 : PCAC 13th Founding Anniversary

I am fine today.

My church, Puchong Christian Alliance Centre (PCAC), celebrated its 13th founding anniversary today. It is the first Christian and Mission Alliance (C&MA) Church in Malaysia.

We are going to establish the second C&MA church in Malaysia early next year in Setia Alam. The new church, which is supposed to start operating this year, has to be postponed due to the delay in the handover of shop lot that we had purchased.

I attended and served in this church the second year it was established, and that was not long after Daniel was born. So the age of the church is almost equal to Daniel’s age :-)

The anniversary celebration this morning was simple. We had Mrs. Rev. Lau delivering a anniversary message, followed by a sharing by a brother, Tan Ah Weng, who joined this church when it was established, a choir presentation, anniversary cake-cutting and of course, a lunch :-)

We thank God for his abundant grace upon this church and pray that it will continue to walk in God’s path, bringing blessing to people in need.

I fried 4 pack of Mee Hoon for lunch this morning - these are the ingredients

Aftermath :-(
Praise and worship session

Mrs. Rev. Lau is delivering message

Brother, Tan Ah Weng, is giving his sharing. He called a few youths and teens to the stage. The were still small children when they came to the church but now have grown up "so big".


My wife is playing piano for the choir
Singing happy birthday
Group photo
And at last - the food

Let's enjoy eating...

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day +1515 : Flying kites

I am fine today.

My friend, Bryan, purchased some kites from China for my children many months ago. I kept them until this evening when Aaron and Adriel insisted that it was time to fly them.

I brought them to the playground few hundred meters away from my house. The kites are very unique in the the sense that each of them is made up of a series of 10 small kites.

The children had great fun flying the kites :-)

The playground

Flying the kites

What is this? "A broken house" - that was what Aaron told me when he saw it on the way back.
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