Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day +2004 : New Year's Eve Thanksgiving Service

I am fine today.

I attended the thanksgiving service of my church at Puchong. There were more than 50 members turned up for the event. We had praise and worship session, recalling what we had done this year, personal sharing, and refreshment. The event started at 8:30pm and ended around 10:00pm. After that, some youth members played fireworks and released two sky lanterns (孔明灯) into the air :-)

Richard is leading praise and worship 

The congregation is praising the Lord


Pastor Tan is recalling what we had done this year

Everyone listen attentively

The response for the sharing session was very good. Many attendees participated.

A very short roundup by Rev. Lau and his was followed by a closing thanksgiving prayer


Rev. Lau cooked MeeHoon Foochow for us - very delicious :-)

Rev. Lau also prepared soya milk for us

The recreation session is now started

Launching sky lantern

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Day +2003 : Happy Birthday, Joseph!

I am fine today.

We celebrated Joseph's twelve years old birthday this evening. It was a very simple celebration with a birthday cake, eggs, chicken and Foochow Mee Sua. Joseph will be studying Form 1, and I believe he will be the youngest in the class. If he was born two days later, then he will be studying Primary 6 next year. So in fact, he is not really ready for Form 1. Anyway, we believe he can cope with his study.

May God bless Joseph!

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day +2002 : A celebration for passing UPSR exam

I am fine today.

I mentioned in my blog "Day +1961 : Congratulation Joseph!" that Joseph scored 2As, 1B and 4Cs in his primary school assessment test (UPSR). We are very glad that he passed all the subjects especially the Bahasa Melayu. Our family went to Shogun at Sunway Pyramid yesterday to celebrate his achievement. We also invited his Bahasa Melayu tuition teacher, Auntie Mary, who gave him a few weeks of intensive tuition before the exam. Besides, my niece, Nga Ming and nephew, Heng Yew, also joined us for the lunch.

Joseph will be studying in S.M.K Bandar Puchong Jaya (B). As the school will start next week, he will attend the orientation for new students this Saturday.

We were too busy eating until we forgot to take photos of people during the lunch :-(  However, I did take some food that we ate. The quality of dishes provided by Shogun has been deteriorating over time. And the refill of those nice dishes like raw salmon fish was done too slowly. Furthermore, I didn't see any fresh oyster this time :-( However, given the promotional price of RM43.70 nett per adult for the lunch during the weekday, it is still worth to go occasionally to indulge yourself with raw fishes and sushi.

This dish is called The Buddha Jumped Over the Wall (佛跳墙), and it is very delicious

You can find sea cucumber there

Shark fin soup - not nice at all. It is something like home made glue which we used to make using  tapioca starch  in the village when we were young

Mushroom soup - not bad

Ice cream 

The view from the restaurant. Aaron and Adriel were more interested in this than the dishes.

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