Friday, March 01, 2013

Day +2429 : Welcome! Pastor Kong

I am fine today.

Pastor Kong is a pastor from a Christian Alliance church in Hong Kong. He came here today and will be staying here for one month to assist our two churches.

I went to fetch him from airport with sister Chow Yong. Pastor Kong sent me a photo earlier. With that photo in my phone, I am quite confident that I will be able to identify him immediately at the exit of the arrival hall. Chow Yong and I waited and waited at the arrival hall, but we never found Pastor Kong, until quite sometime later, a received a call from Pastor Kong saying that he arrived already. And only then I realised that he was just beside me. He didn't look like the one in the photo at all :-(

We brought Pastor Kong to meet some brothers and sisters in Setia Alam this evening. We had dinner and later cell group together.

We wish Pastor Kong a great stay here!

We had dinner at Restoran Lan Je

Group photo - Pastor Kong is the one standing on the left

Cell group meeting

See you next post :-)

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