Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Day +2434 : Papago and Google Map

I am fine today.

I am not good at identifying road at all. Getting to a new place is always a challenge to me. The GPS Papago helps a lot. I am now quite confident that I would be able to reach a new place without getting lost.

However, Papago has its own problem - difficult to search the destination. For example, a search for "MBS" would return nothing. Don't worry! We can make use of Google Map which is good at searching. First of all, search "MBS" on Google Map, then right click on the location mark, and then choose "What's here?". The coordinates of MBS will be shown. Just copy them into Papago and there you go :-)

"A" is MBS. Right click on it, you will get the popup menu. Choose "What's here?"

You get the coordinates :-)

See you next post :-)

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