Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day +2447 : Dengue fever is coming to the seminary

I am fine today.

I was informed today that a China student was infected with dengue fever (骨头热症). As the dengue virus is spread through Aedes mosquito, all seminary students were reminded to be alert of this little creature. Some of the foreign students never see an Aedes mosquito, and I conveniently showed them the following photos that were taken in the home village in 2011. The mosquito was sucking my blood at then time and I captured the "interesting" process with my camera.

My roommate and I not only open the windows while sleeping at night, but also open the mosquito net to allow more fresh air coming in. With the outbreak of dengue fever, we have no choice but to close the mosquito net. The student who was diagnosed with dengue fever has to have his blood count monitored at Sungai Buloh hospital everyday :-( That is certainly not something we want to have.

See you next post :-)

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