Monday, March 04, 2013

Day +2432 : Visiting a friend in Kluang, Johore

I am fine today.

I received an urgent call from Dean of Chinese Department, Dr. Lee, on Saturday evening informing me that the father of a fellow student, Brian Lee, had passed away in his home town, Kluang Johore. Brian Lee is the president of the student council and we all call him "big brother"(大哥).

The funeral was scheduled on Monday, and every student and lecturer were engaged on Sunday. Therefore, the seminary had problem sending representatives to pay our "big brother" a visit. As a cell group leader of a cell group whom Brian Lee belonged to, I was obliged to pay him a visit on Sunday after the church service. There were students going with me including Rev. Yiap, a student from Kluang :-)

It was 3 hours drive cover a distance of over 270km from Puchong to Kluang. We went there at 2:00pm and reached Puchong at 12:00am. Rev. Yiap brought us to Restoran Ikan Asam Pedas for dinner at Kluang before we start our journey back to Puchong :-)

The restaurant

Asam fish head - RM60; quite expensive :-(

Steam egg cost RM2 only - so cheap!

See you next post :-)

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