Thursday, March 07, 2013

Day +2435 : Another test of Major Prophets

I am fine today.

I sat for another test of the subject of Major Prophets this morning. The test this time focused on Bible passages only - that is from Isaiah chapter 36 to 66. I started to seriously prepare for the test yesterday, and  I also woke up at 4:15am this morning to finish off whatever I left last night.

As I mentioned earlier, the questions can be tricky. For example, based on the verse 『我像燕子呢喃。像白鹤鸣叫。又像鸽子哀鸣。我因仰观,眼睛困倦。耶和华阿,我受欺压。求你为我作保。』(赛三十八14 or   Isaiah 38:4), the question asked which type of bird "鸣叫"? The choices are 燕子, 白鸽, and 鸽子. It was not a problem for me to remember the three type of birds, but which type of bird gave what kind of sound was something that I couldn't remember. The luck was not on my side, I guessed a wrong answer :-(

Apart from this one, I am not very sure if I got any other answer wrong.

See you next post :-)

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