Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day +2444 : Thirteen blood donation campaign

I am fine today.

Our church held its thirteen blood donation campaign today. A total of 101 donors managed to donate their blood successfully. We were still unable to break the previous record of 103 packs of blood, but anyway, the result is still considered very encouraging.

Our next blood donation campaign will on 20 July 2013. Please reserves this date in the calendar if you would like to participate in the next campaign. If you need more information or need me to remind you when the date approaches, do let me know :-)

With this campaign, our church successfully donated a total of 778 packs of blood since the first blood donation campaign on 19, September 2007 :-)

The result:
  1. First campaign: 36 packs 
  2. Second campaign: 34 packs 
  3. Third campaign: 46 packs 
  4. Fourth campaign: 47 packs 
  5. Fifth campaign : 48 packs 
  6. Sixth campaign: 42 packs 
  7. Seventh campaign: 47 packs 
  8. Eighth campaign: 66 packs 
  9. Ninth campaign: 54 packs 
  10. Tenth campaign: 69 packs
  11. Eleventh campaign: 103 packs (highest)
  12. Twelve campaign: 85 packs
  13. Thirteen campaign: 101 packs
My wife have to attend the school activity whole day long, and thus she couldn't participate this time.

See you next post :-)

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