Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day +2441 : A very good investment!

I am fine today.

I purchased two volumes of Francisco Tarrega guitar works and a set of two CDs from Germany on 11 November 2002 with the cost of Euro 93.30. After conversion the total cost was less than RM380.

But when I checked on Amazon today, to get exactly the same items, one has to pay at least USD 500 which is over RM1500 :-) I think the price will increase over time and who knows another 10 years later I will be a millionaire :-)
The invoice of the three items costing Euro 93.30 in 11 November 2002 (Click on the image to get a larger view)

The dual CD set of Tarrega works played by David Russell

The first volume

The second volume
The price of the CD - used one cost USD87.02 and the new one cost USD159.60

The first volume cost at leat USD111.11 and I believe it is out of print

The second volume cost USD304.23 and I believe it is also out of print
See you next post :-)

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