Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day +2428 : Who signed on my car?

I am fine today.

There are more cars than the parking place in the residential area that I stay. Therefore, the residents have to compete for parking places. The roadside near my house is always fully occupied and who occupied which part of the roadside is purely based on first come first serve basis.

I parked my Proton Wira at the small road leading to my house, and someone "signed" on it. I believe the one who did that must be angry at me for parking the car there :-( Anyway, the "signature" didn't deter me at all from parking the car there as I really don't care much about the cuts and scratches. When the cuts and scratches built up too much, I can just get the car sprayed and it will be as good as a new one :-)

See you next post :-)


KJ said...

Dear Bro.David,

Glad that you accepted the "signature" with an open heart. Malaysia still has many rooms to improve on public morality. Let us pray for a morally revival society...

David Ting said...

Yes, brother KJ. We need to pray for Malaysia, for moral revival and many more... May God bless you! David