Monday, February 18, 2013

Day +2418 : Beware of electrical fire

I am fine today.

We noticed a few weeks ago that the electrical supply in our house was not stable. The florescent tubes didn't give off consistent light, and quite often, the light fluctuated to the extent that it blinked. And furthermore, this weird behaviour didn't happen to one or two but to all of the florescent tubes.

My first thought was to rule out the possibility of inconsistent power supply, and after verifying with my neighbour, I was very sure that the problem was not due to incoming power supply as they didn't experience this problem.

A church member who is involved in electrical industry came to my house and he found out very soon that the problem was due to overheated electrical cable connecting the electrical metre to the main fuse. We found out that the plastic on the cable was already melted. And not only this, the fuse and its housing were also melted and stuck together as shown in the image below.

The church member replaced the fuse and cable for me in no time, and not only this, he also replaced the electrical switch box inside the house. After that, the electrical supply became stable again. The church member was reluctant to accept any money from me for all the good work and service rendered to me. May God bless him.

I have put an event in my Google calendar that will remind me to check the electricity cable connected to the main fuse once a year, and I will quickly replace the cable should I found out that the cable is hot. This is to prevent any untoward incident from happening.

The overheated fuse melted and stuck together with the housing
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