Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day +2420 : Another blunder

I am fine today.

I am taking the subject of Major Prophets this semester. In order to make sure that each student did read the content of the text book and the relevant Bible verses, the lecturer gave us a test comprising of 10 objective questions once a fortnight. The passing mark for reach test is 60%.

The next test is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I supposed to do some preparation during the Chinese New Year but things didn't turn up as I wished, so I planned to focus fully on the subject today so that I can at least pass the test.

Again, things didn't turn up as I wished. A seminary mate came to seek help on his Greek subject and I spent an hour teaching him. After that, I spent another three hours on the phone attending some matters. The pressure was mounting as the time passed by, and I forced myself to focus on the study after that.

I was shocked when I checked the scope of the test at 9:00pm because I discovered that I read the wrong chapters of the text book :-( About three hours of hard work was wasted and I am really not sure whether there is enough time to complete the study.

Anyway, I will focus fully on the study and I hope that I will make it.

See you next post :-)

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