Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day +2412 : Third day of Chinese New Year

I am fine today.

We didn't go anywhere today but welcome our first ever new year visitor - Apollo Ho's family which comprises of his wife and two lovely daughters. Apollo Ho and his wife, Farn Ling, were two of the earliest batch of the Puchong Christian Alliance Centre church members. We served together in the church for a few years until they went to work and study in US. After they came back from US, they attended our church service briefly before moving to Johore and settled down there.

We didn't met for more than nine years, and I almost forgot they have shifted to Johore; all the while thinking that they are still staying somewhere at Kepong. Yesterday morning, I saw a posting of him on the facebook showing him washing a little pig, and the conversation that arose from the posting resulting his visit this evening.

Apollo told me that the pig that was in fact a whild boar which was knocked down on the road by someone, and he just happened to see it on the way to his parents' house. Without much hesitation he pulled the heavy wild boar into his car and then sped to his destination delightfully :-) The unexpected gain served as a surprise new year gift to his parents.

When I told Adriel and Aaron something about this uncle Apollo, they thought that I was talking about Apollo candy :-)

Apollo Ho and his wife Farn Ling

Washing the wild boar - could weight over 100kg

Farn Ling with their two cute daughters
Daniel made pizza again in the evening - his skill in improving...

See you next post :-)

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