Monday, September 14, 2009

Day +1167 : Yi Pin salted baked chicken

I am fine today.

I had dinner at Yi Pin Salted Baked Chicken(一品 盐焗鸡) restaurant located opposite Puteri Mart, Bandar Puteri Puchong last Tuesday. Together with me were Mr. and Mrs. Rev Lau, and Pastor Tan.

The salted baked chicken tasted very nice. Apart from this, the Chicken Feet Mixed Pork Knuckle was not bad :-)

The choice of food here is limited, but we enjoyed it very much.

The menu
Chicken Feet Mixed Pork Knuckle
The salted baked chicken (盐焗鸡)
This is not food. Scissor for cutting the chicken.
See you next post :-)


Anonymous said...

Do you hav their contact number?

Anonymous said...

One of the worse service in the business. Especially from the boss. Even the food are not bad, it's really not worth getting the rude and impolite services.

David Ting said...

So sorry to hear about the bad service. It was OK when we visited the restaurant. May be the boss was in a bad mood :-(

The telephone is +603-80651426.