Monday, August 12, 2013

Day +2593 : Attending intensive class on Christian Ethics

I am fine today.

Christian Ethics is a compulsory subject of my course. It is a two credits subject. The seminary invited Professor Dr. Kwan Kai Man (关启文教授) from Hong Kong Baptist University (香港浸会大学) lecture in the first half of the course - 3 days intensive course starting from today to Wednesday. Following this, Dr. Tan Kim Sai (陈金狮博士) will continue teaching the course until the end of the seminar. This means that we didn't have class for this subject for the half semester in the past.

Professor Dr. Kwan is a Professor and Head of Department of Religion and Philosophy, and Director, M.A in Liberal Studies and Ethics of Hong Kong Baptist University. He is very well versed in the ethics subject. Therefore he would be able to speak as a scholar in this subject matter.

I am very glad that I can attend his class.

Dr. Kwan is giving lecture

I spilled a drop of water on the table while attending class, this cockroach came to drink the water. I captured it on Galaxy Note. 

See you next post :-)

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