Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Day +2588 : Year-end holiday and travel arrangement

I am fine today.

My wife applied for year-end travel warrant from the education department in July. I have to attend a grand re-union of my former form six classmates in Kuching from 13 - 15 December. So we planned to fly to Kuching first on government warrant and then go to Sibu on our own, and then from Sibu to KL on government warrant again. Unfortunately, the education department turned down our application given the reason that we can only travel to and from one destination in Sarawak. We have no choice but to change our plan by flying to Sibu first and then go to Kuching for the reunion. This will incur extra cost for both the government and me :-(

We got the travel warrant today. A round trip flight between KL-Sibu for my family consisting of 4 adults and 2 children cost the government RM9,044. It cost RM2,444 if we book the flight online. This means the government pays RM6600 extra to MAS. Perhaps this is one of the many ways that government supports MAS.

The year-end and travel arrangement is now planned as follow:

6 Dec : KL-Sibu (MAS - on government warrant)
10 Dec : Sarikei-KCH (Ferry)
16 Dec : KCH-Miri (MAS flight)
17 Dec : Miri - Mulu (MAS flight)
19 Dec : Mulu - Miri (MAS flight)
20 Dec : Miri - Sibu (Bus)
24 Dec : Sibu - KL (MAS - on government warrant)

This holiday will involve a lot of travelling. We will visit Mulu National Park for the first time on this trip :-)

See you next post :-)

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