Thursday, August 08, 2013

Day +2589 : First Old Town customer of the day

I am fine today.

I brought Daniel and Joseph to Old Town again this morning for them to focus on their mathematics. An Old Town staff told me that it would open as early as 7:00am today but it was not open when we were there at 7:30am. I found out later that Old Town only open at 8:00am during public holiday and weekend. Fortunately, the restaurant allowed us to use the table and chair while waiting for it to open officially at 8:00am. We ordered our breakfast after 8:00am.

Old Town is a nice place to work :-) We can stay there as long as we like. We stayed there until 1:00pm and the two boys made quite a lot of progress in these few hours.

Our breakfast

Joseph and Daniel

See you next post :-)

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