Monday, August 05, 2013

Day +2586 : Scoring 1 Mark for Add Maths :-(

I am fine today.

Daniel continues his could't care less attitude of his study. I asked for his report card and he never bothered t give me. My niece Hui Na came to my house and helped to check his result online. Not surprisingly, his result is extremely bad, scoring 6 marks for this first Add Maths test and only 1 mark for the mid-year test :-(

He never did his homework and never studied, living a happy go lucky life all the time.

I talked to him nicely, trying to find out why he has no motivation to study at all. He told me he find no reason to study. When he asked his maths teacher the purpose of studying Add Maths, the teacher couldn't provide him an answer. I explained to him that mathematics is a tool for many other subjects such as physics, engineering. Without mathematics, it is impossible for one to study those subjects in-depth. And in this stage of study, his purpose is to score good result for all subjects so that he could proceed to next level of study. Only when he goes to a higher level of study, he will specialize on area that he is interested. He seemed to accept the explanation, and I hope he find purpose in his study after my explanation.

I asked him to pick up Add Maths by himself. I brought him and Joseph to Old Town this morning to do their Mathematics exercises. They could do most of the questions. My job is to make sure that they continue doing the exercises and helped them occasionally.

Daniel's result - published upon his consent

My breakfast

Working hard...
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