Monday, October 21, 2013

Day +2663 : A PCAC Potluck Dinner

I am fine today.

My church in Puchong held a potluck dinner yesterday evening. More than twenty cell group leaders, pastors and also cell group facilitators attended the dinner. We had some fellowship and discussion after the dinner.

I was so busy taking photos of the dishes until I forgot to take any human photo :-(  So in this post I can only post photos of home cooked delicacies for you.

Red wine chicken

Rev. Lau's fried, covered by eggs completely

This is the real look
Yello rice wine chicken

Rev. Lau's roasted drumstick. Very nice :-)

Steam egg with minced pork

Fried french bean

Rev. Lau's pickled mango

Braised pork with eggs

Red wine residuum pork



See you next post :-)

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