Sunday, June 02, 2013

Day +2522 : Preaching another sermon :-)

I am fine today.

I preached a sermon at Setia Christian Alliance Church this morning. It was the same sermon as I preached at Puchong Christian Alliance Church two weeks ago and as I mentioned before, it was the sermon that I wrote as part of the requirement of the preaching lab subject.

I was not feeling well on Friday, having coughing and sore throat. I went to see my family Doctor and I am on antibiotics. I expected the doctor to prescribe me strong antibiotic but he told me that my condition is not that serious, thus prescribing me not so strong and cheaper antibiotic. I hope his approach work this time, that I don't have to see him second time to get a stronger antibiotic like last time.

I praise God the coughing and sore throat are getting better this morning and the disease didn't affect my preaching :-)

See you next post :-)

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