Monday, July 22, 2013

Day +2572 : Dinner with Rev. Yung King Wa (翁竞华牧师)

I am fine today.

Rev. Yung King Wa, the mission field development director (拓展总监) of Hong Kong Mission Alliance came to visit us yesterday. We had a dinner at Restoran Harmony Banquet (温馨楼). This restaurant is the former Cheong Wah Seafood Restaurant (中华海鲜酒楼) which stopped business suddenly.

The restaurant doesn't look nicer than Cheong Wah Seafood Restaurant after renovation, and I really didn't have mood to pay it a visit. A church member who went there for meal told me that its food was not bad. So we decided to have dinner there with Rev. Yung.

What I can say after the meal is that the food here was nice and not too expensive. Perhaps you can give it a try :-)

I was too involved in photographing the food that I forgot to take picture of those who eat the food; just in case you don't who is Rev. Yung, the one standing on the left is him :-)

See you next post :-)

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