Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day +2479 : Vote wisely, one vote for DAP, one vote for PAS

I am fine today.

"Vote wisely, one vote for DAP, one vote for PAS" is the advertisement that threatens people to vote for BN. It is beyond reasonable doubt that the BN is employing scare tactics.

But unfortunately, at least for BN, peoples are now getting more and more positive and mature that they always tend to interpret things positively. When it comes to this advertisement, the message is ultimately clear to them  - in order for you to vote wisely, you have to cast one vote for DAP, and cast another vote for PAS, regardless the candidates.

Apart from this, whatever messages received are irrelevant.

First message I received today urging me to vote for BN

The second message I received today
See you next post :-)

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