Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Day +2833 : Welcome aboard, Pastor Ng!

I am fine today.

Pastor Ng will be joining us as a pastor starting from May. He will be stationed at Setia Christian Alliance Centre in Setia Alam. Pastor Ng just completed his Master of Divinity in Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong and came back early this week. He visited Puchong Christian Alliance Centre today with his family. We had a good chat and then having a nice lunch at Restaurant Kong Sai (广西仔菜园鸡猪肚汤) 。

See you next post :-)


Simon Tang said...

Good to have new pastor in SCAC!

David Ting said...

Thank you! Brother Simon. Praise God! David

Woo Teng Teng said...


David Ting said...