Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day +2764 : Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

I am fine today.

After blacking out for almost 100 days, I am back to blog again! I will blog from today onwards and make up the days not blogged before at the same time. I took a lot of photos during the blackout period and it is certainly my wish to share them with you. In addition to giving you an account of my life during this period of time, it serves a good mean to record my interesting life during the period. When I post anything related to the past, I will remind you and provide you links to access them.

Today is Chinese New Year Eve. I spent the whole day cooking :-) My wife and I prepared seven dishes in addition to the tedious-to-prepare acar. I will devote a special post on the making of acar later.

Most of my nieces and nephews went back to Sarawak to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Those who stayed behind are the eldest son of my youngest sister, Timothy, and two sons of my third sister (bone marrow donor), Lau Chih Yung and Raymond Lau. I invited them to have Chinese New Year Eve dinner with us.

It is so great to celebrate Chinese New Year with family members and relatives.

Daniel and Adriel hard at work

Joseph also helped

First dish in sweet and sour green pea 

Sour and spicy soup

Home made roasted pork

Lemon chicken - before putting on the lemon sauce

Tai Ping Egg - 太平蛋. My wife reminded me that this was always the first dish served in a banquet in the village long time ago but not now.

Fried noodles

Mixed vegetable

From left: Norma (my youngest sister's maid), Joseph, Timonthy, Aaron, Angela, Adriel, Daniel, Raymond, Lau Chih Yung

Timothy is so busy eating...

Raymond Lau, Chih Yung

Joseph and Daniel

Aaron and my wife, Angela

Guess who?

See you next post :-)

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